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What kind of garden you putting in Monique?
What did everyone get up to at the weekend?
we had a lovely bbq at the beach park near our house on sat. sun didn't get up to a lot... well i did cleaning smile how bout u?

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Well at the moment our backyard is weeds and dirt, so we are getting a bob cat in and removing sand to level it out, and pulling out tree stumps, then putting down roll on lawn for half the garden so the girls can have somewhere to play since they will be walking soon.. and then putting bushes in the rest . Putting a pull out washing line on the fence to save room with a garden bed along the edge of the fence...
sounds like fun monique!! we have a new house so we are still getting garden, etc but we have got most of the grass down.
are ur girls identical twins?

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

yeah we brought this house about 18 months ago, and didn't have the money to do the grass etc, but we have decided we have to do it now for the girls...
Yup they are meant to be identical..
Mell the bbq sounds nice it is getter just bout warm enough here too (Christchurch). I visited my Nan twice at the weekend she was in the trauma unit but now has been moved out to a smaller hospital that is for rehabilitation she will be there till shes walking again. She has a huge cut from above hip down to her knee because they had to put in a metal bit. Tomorrow hubby and I have our last test for this year and we are off to Timaru to stay with my parents and sibblings for nice relaxing wknd smile
Won't be long till your Bub is here mell, although not being pregnant I don't know how long 7 weeks really are smile
How did the cleaning go? I need to do some too
Sounds like it will be busy at yours Monique smile you'll have two wee ones walking around smile
Monique I like your new photo's smile
Thanks Anna... Also hoping your gran is getting better.. it's nice that you go and visit her regulary bet she enjoys that.

Today is a nice day here, so i've been able to do some washing, and hopefully get it dry.

Leilani can stand on her own now quite well she's so clever..
And she also likes putting stuff away, she'll put her toys away in the box and she'll put anything lying on the floor away somewhere.. lol. And then Rebekah loves pulling them all out again.
Hopeing everyone has a good day.
ur poor nan, anna, hope she's not in too much pain. she's lucky she has u to visit her.
leilani is very clever monique, how old are ur girls? do u find they do things at different stages and not together?

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

the girls are nearly 13 months..
yeah they are normally a few weeks after each other.. Leilani normally does all the crawling/ standing/ etc first then Rebekah. Rebekah usually does the words first then Leilani.
It was great weather for washing drying today smile
Were Leilani and Rebekah born early Monique?
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