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Early yes, but not by much so they were still full term.
how is everyone?
Hi... I'm back - just in case no one has noticed hahaha smile

Had a great mini holiday up the coast, weather was so lovely! Don't know how, but I feel tireder now than before! Not long for me now, counting the weeks - 6 to go, 4 if I have anything to say about it!

Welcome to all the newbies! I am trying to put a pic of my son as my signature, so I can show him off smile, but I don't know how to? So any of you clever computer mums out there that could help would be great!
Hellooo everyone smile My name is Chante, im 21, DH is 24

I have 2 boys..

Tyrese 2.5

Tahj Xavier 11 months

Nice to meet u all!!!

AKA Chante

Glad u had a great trip Sytarnya. Your probably exhausted from relaxing!! smile Nah i reckon at this stage u just get tired regardless. I know i am. I can't believe we both have such a short time left, pretty scary! I guess it will be a lot different for u going from 1 to 2 kids. I suppose i sorta know what to expect now......
Hope everyone else is well smile

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

I missed u Sytarnya.
Welcome Chante smile
I meet a boy addison today
DO any of you pregnant ladies know what you are having? or are they a surprise?
The weather here is not sunny today.. i wish it was though i'd much rather sun than cloudy drizzle.

Today i went out for lunch with a friend.. she had a day off from exams and we haven't hung out for awhile.. so we decided today was the day since girls are at their grandmas this afternoon.
Hope you ladies are having a nice day.. smile
half ur luck monique! i never get time out bugger all.
i'm having a boy this time. i never found out with the last two until they were born. i already have a 2.5yr old son and my daughter is almost 16mths.
number 3 was a huge surprise so i wanted to find out this time and sort thru my baby stuff. this will be our last baby.
do u have any plans to have more?

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

Awww how sweet Anna! When I first logged on to Huggies I felt a bit out of the loop smile it all came flooding back tho (hehehe).
Yeah Mel, I think it's just the norm now to be tired... I know not long to go now for us! I think it will be a bit of a shock to go from 1 very active little man to 2 of them! It still doesn't feel "real" that there will be another baby around again smile

Hi Monique - yes lucky you - coffee with the girls! Isn't that against the rules LOL??!! although I can't complain, my hubby is on holidays atm and Tyran goes to daycare one day a week, so we had a very rare "couples" day! We've been married 5 years tomorrow! WOW! Time flies...

Saw your post re: boy named Addison? Haven't replied yet Anna, but I will!! I met a boy named Mattea (sp?) pron Mat-tee-ar, as in tear from your eye. Don't know bout others, but I think it's more of a girl name??
Oh forgot to add - yes Monique, we found out both times - more for hubby than me tho. First time was because hubby was sooo set on having a boy, and I thought it was a girl - so wanted him to "adjust" to the thought - but it turned out he was right anyway! A boy it was.

With this bub (another little boy blue!), I sort of regret finding out just a teeny tiny little bit (would be nice to have had a surprise) but I'm too organised, and wanted everything ready... so I caved and found out again!
Lunch sounds nice Monique smile I can't comprehend how busy babies must be when you have them 24/7 but get sort of an idea when I relieve under 2's like I did yesterday and today.
Mell is it more exciting to wait? hubby and I think we will wait, is it more common to find out or wait do you think.
gosh you girls haven't got long to go
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