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Sytarnya do you like the baby stage or the toddler stage better or are they both good in different ways?
I relieved in ece centres yesterday and today, makes me so clucky hehe smile they so gorgeous and learning so much!
Wow 5 years is long time me and hubby just about 2 months.
I think addison more girly i think Mattea more girl too
what about malika- mar-leek-ah
My baby (Tyran) was a lot of hard work, he had colic really bad, and was not a sleeper! He would feed every two hours, So not a lot of sleep happened for me in the first 4 months...

Now that he is older, he is a lot more independent, and I can understand what he wants as he is talking now, so for me this stage seems easier.

Hopefully this bub will be different!! I'm prepared for the worst tho, so ce'-la-vee if Jyden is the same, I know I'll get thru it, and time goes so quickly anyway. I look back now and think "it was only 4 months", whereas at the time I thought I was going to curl up into a little ball and die lol...

So while babies are so cute and adorable, I found my first to be very different to my expectations. He takes after his Dad apparently, they were the same. I was a really easy baby, big sleeper. Fingers crossed Jyden will be more like me!!

I agree re the names! Too many unisex ones, they confuse me!
Hi girls
Yes Anna, I definately think it's more exciting to wait and find out the sex. I think it's a lot more rewarding at the end after all the labouring. I only found out this time as it was such a shock and i had given away all my boy stuff so to be able to get organised made sense. I sorta wished we had have waited.
I think it will definately be a shock to the system at first Sytarnya when u have number 2 but you certainly get used to it quickly and i find it helps to have a routine.
I definately think those names are more girly than boyish. I don't even like Addison for a girl (sorry)Do u think Edison sounds girly??? He would mostly be Eddie though i think.. I have ummed and ahhed re the spelling and thought Edison is more boyish. That is the normal spelling, it's actually an old English name meaning son of Edward.
I must say Anna I think the toddler stage even though very challenging is easier.. It is hard when u have a baby that isn't a great sleeper. With Kruz he slept thru at 7 mths which was great but he woke alot before that. Sienna took till 11mths to sleep thru and also woke a fair bit in the night. Plus u don't know what a baby wants and they can be very hard to settle as newborns. At least when they're a toddler its easier to work out what they want plus theyre starting to talk. I am excited about meeting this bub but at the same time i'm not in a hurry as i know i will be getting little sleep for i guess a good 6 mths!!! That's the part i hate smile

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

Hope Jyden is not colicky smile Hows your weekend going?
HUbby and I went garage saling today but it soon got to hot 28 supposed to be here and Its the hottest its been in ages since start this year I think.
it is harder to go from 0 to 1, or 1 to 2, or 2 to 3 u think Mell?
Edison not girly at all smile
I don't think Emerson girly eitha it screams boy to me
Hows Your weekend going?
hi guys
yeah i hope my bubs not colicky or refluxy too Sytarnya!!
well having no baby to having a baby is hard anna but at least when u just have one it's easier to focus on that baby and u can sleep wheneva. i reckon going from 1 to 2 is pretty crazy cause u suffer the guilts alot at the start and ur more tired and can't just sleep wheneva plus u have alot more washing etc. i'm guessing going to 3 will be hard cause u only have to arms but then again at least number 1 and 2 have each other to play with. i guess it all has its pros and cons smile
thanks its reasurring to know u think edison isn't girly. i don't like emerson for a girl. i think just emma or emily. the only pretty name with a son on the end for a girl i reckon is maddison.
not up to much today. did some housework then took the kids to the park then down the jetty to see their dad. gotta go to perth tomorrow for a friends sons bday party.
[Edited on 15/11/2008]

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

Hey Ladies..
Mell- Yeah we plan to have more, we want quite a big family but we will be waiting for a couple more years before we have any more, wait till these 2 are toilet trained and can help me out a bit when new baby comes...

Anna- i know people that have found out, but i also know people that didn't find out. We found out because DH wanted a boy but i thought it was girls and so we found out.. but we didn't tell anyone else, we found out also because it was less expensive for us as we could buy girls stuff from the beginning. So everyone else was surprised.

Mell- going from 1-2 is not to bad, we only had 1 for about 2 mins.. lol!! and yes i will agree that having 2 can be hard especially when they have their own sleeping patterns, and we have TONS of washing with 2 toddlers, and DD1 was colicky and had reflux so there was always throwing and crying for the first 6 months of her life. It was pretty tough for awhile, but we got through it.

We are going to albany in a couple of weeks, we have some rellies up there who have never seen the girls, and the rest haven't seen them since April so we thought it would be nice to go and see them before chissy, just for the weekend..
Hope everyone is doing well.
I could imagine having two straight up would be pretty fullon monique, but then again ur not really used to anything else i guess... i can see why u'd want to wait till the girls are older, u could get another set of twins!! is it in ur family?
r u in wa monique?

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

yeah i'm in WA..
They are in my family somewhere, but identical twins don't run in the family they are just chance.. so we were just lucky i guess..
Hi Guys,

Definitely don't think Edison is girly Mel!

Did you buy anything interesting from the garage sales Anna?

Monique, my MIL lives in Albany (I kidnapped my DH from WA and brought him back to Qld hehehe)... Do you think twins are harder than single bubs? A friend's mum had two "single" bubs, then had twins, and said they are easier due to them always having each other - so less reliant on mum? Not sure if it's true or not...

We've had a boring weekend. It's sooo hot here atm - Tyran was in the pool this arvo - with his new Wahoo vest on! He thinks he can swim already... you should see his little legs go! Such a water baby, like his Mum - he's going to be a hot surfie when he grows up LOL! smile

Chat again soon!
I got another question hehe what age gap works better for you?

Is it hot in Aus at the moment? Ive never been to Aussie
HEhe I want lots bubs too Monique Ive got two brothers and two sisters, Corie wants 2 or 3 tho.
Especially twins you would have had to buy lots baby stuff! do you ever dress them the same?
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