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your name etc Lock Rss

Hi to Sarah and Telia!

Telia - wow number 4!! You must be a supermum - I'm juggling with 2! Good Luck with ttc...

Sarah - soooo - blue or pink? dont forget to let us know!

RenAngel - good luck with the house hunting! How did you go with the others you applied for?

just a quick one for me tonight - sooo tired and have such bad hayfever sad feel miserable so bed here I come...

night all
Hi new girls!

Just popped in to say I got a BFP on Valentine's day! uh-oh! Only 8 months to find the perfect name! Aaaarrrgh!

Baby dust and house dust to those who need it!
Hey everyone smile

Hope you had a good Valentines smile

Hope Sette Bfp is a sign of more to come baby dust for everyone and house dust for renegradeangel.

Hi all,

Lil Sarah - Good luck with your scan tomorrow. I hope bubs behaves so that you can find out the gender. Don't forget to let us know.

Renegade Angel - Good luck house hunting. That can't be easy at the moment. Thanks heaps for the baby dust.

Boy-0-Boy - I am far from a supermum but that's for the compliment. I think we all just do the best that we can. I love kids and so does DH, he wants six minimum.

It helps that my son has just started year one so I only have the two girls at home and they both still have 4-5 hour naps during the day.

Your boys are so cute.

Sette - Congradulations on the BFP. Wow, hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Baby Dust to All ....

Hi all..
Well our trip to perth went well.. the doctors results came back saying that yes she has a heart murmur but nothing to worry about.. It's not going to cause any problems later on which is great. They also said she is advanced for her age also.

Sette- Congrats! HOpe all goes well.

I been kicked out of facebook so i'm back here.. LOL.

I am currently in the TWW i think.. should of ovulated last week.

Twilight angel- it's good having a DH that likes children. DH loves children and wants about 5... so it's pretty cool.
Hi mum1007,

Yeah it is pretty cool to have a DH that wants heaps of kids, except that he's constantly having to convince me. That's not too hard, though I'd never tell him that, lol.

I can't wait to get this show on the road and know if this month is successful or not. I have ages to wait but ttc makes you so impatient.

My DH wants six minimum but the other day we were watching cheaper by the dozen and he made a remark that it would be cool to have that many and that I could cope, ha!

I'm glad your little girl is okay. I hope the heart murmur continues to cause no problems for her.

Lol.. i think i would draw the line at that many.. LOL..
we would like a 7 seater and just fill that.

Today we are going to the pool.. it's been closed for about a year and it's finally opened again!! YAY!! girls have hardly been swimming cause the beach is so cold here coming from artic.. so it's icy.

It was really weird cause i've been doing the OPK and i peed on a stick last week (day 9) and it came up very strong for ovulation... and i peed on one yesterday again and it still had a faint ovulation line.. Anyone know why that could be? That was a week, you can't be ovulating for a week.
Decided to write in here since i can't write in facebook much anymore.. So hopefully some of you ladies are still around.

Today seems to have been so long, i'm so tired.... anyone feel up to cooking my dinner tonight??

Today we've played outside, It's weird how both of the girls like different toys even though they identical twins. You can sit R in the sand pit with a bit of water and a shovel and she'll be happy for hours, whereas with L you can give her a bucket of just water and some toys and that'll keep her occupied, she gets bored in the sandpit. Although Keeping L occupied for a long time is a lot harder than R..

Then we did some drawing and the girls drew a nice picture for daddy... Just on a huge piece of paper, L is very good at drawing and does shapes etc, whereas R just scribbles and dots.
Then we did a bit of painting but that turned a bit messy so it quickly stopped.
They are sleepy now so they are going to bed to have a nap. Here's hoping they will sleep for awhile.

Still in TWW day 20 today.
Not long till testing not too long to wait smile

That is interesting about R & L I guess they most have different temperaments and interests!

They must be at different stages of drawing, if I could remember them I could tell you hehe.

We having quiet night in going to watch project runaway smile caught up with my Nan today and got my hair cut smile
Yay on your Haircut DG.. I got one a couple of weeks ago, and it felt so much lighter and easier to manage! I tend to have very thick hair so my scalp can't breathe after a couple of months.

We watched a movie tonight.. it was good and very relaxing.

ANyways time to go to bed now.
Well AF turned up this morning, so guess it's not this month.
Hi Girls,

Mum1007 - I own a 7 seater territory but hubby is not happy with filling that. He is talking about buying me a 9 seater chevy suburban in a few years so he can have his 6. They are never happy unless they can have what they want, lol.

I'm sure their daddy would have loved the pics.

I'm really sorry to hear that AF found you. Hope you have better luck next time around. Heaps of baby dust coming your way.

DakotaGrace - Good on you for doing something for yourself. I love getting my hair cut. I have it done every 8 weeks as mine is very thick and they thin it out so it's easier to manage.

In the dreaded tww now ...
[Edited on 24/02/2009]

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