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We got some puppets, some books, a wooden bookcase for novels for $15 that was our bargain hehe.
Ooh do you have a pool? My mum and Dad have a pool but they live in Timaru 2 hours away and I think its still green Dad hasn't cleaned it.
I can't swim it good to learn early I just never got the hang of it and Had an experience where I had to get rescued.
Yep we have a pool! It's lovely and crystal clear atm ready for summer! It was about 28 degrees today, and it's getting really humid. Australia is beautiful, you should come and explore! My mum recently went to NZ and loves it there, very pretty country she said (I haven't been).

I'm a big 'water baby', love the ocean and pool, and swimming. I can surf and scuba dive - although it has been a while now smile BABIES keep me too busy!! lol So I'm pretty happy that Tyran got the "water" gene!

Bargain on the bookcase!
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well hello all, havnt thought to check this thread for yonkies!!!
mel and sytarna(sp?), your bubs due dates are getting very close, must be getting excited!!!charlottes enough atm, more maybe down the track.flipping hot here.
must be nice owning your own place, we rent so cant really do too much, and we also cant have pets, which sucks, id love a dog/cat for ourselves and charlotte.
well not too much going on here, charlottes trying to figure out how to crawl atm, she can get into the crawling position, and rocks, but hasnt sussed out how to move her legs and arms together atm;i reckon give her a couple of weeks, and she will be there.
ive had a few job interviews lately, i love my girl, but im feeling stifled at home.i had a job interview on thursday, its a new centre being built(opens dec), and its right near my dps work, and the hours for the job fit really well with my dps.i dont want to get my hopes up too much, but d love this job.
anyway, come bsck and chat another time, hope everyones well
Hi Anna,
Im Kirby im 21 turning 22 before baby is born, which is due on 22nd march.. it's my first baby but 2nd pregnancy first one i miscarriaged. I have thought of some names and we are expecting a girl but doctors aint real sure so not countinig on it yet. My Partner has chosen the bos names and i chose the girls. He has picked out Jet or Taj for a boy, and me well i absolutely love Skyla and haven thort of any more names haha.
Wow its hot in Aus woke up this morning and it looks like another 27+ day today.
I would like to come over sometime smile
The beach is my favourite place smile not sure if it's warm enough to swim in it here yet.
Oooh scuba dving that sounds fun and surfing hehe I don't think I have enough co-ordination.
HI Gabrielle smile wondered where everyone else had got to smile
We living with my husbands Mum until we finish our degree and can get jobs pretty expensive to get a house when we on student allowance, Aw I didn't have pets when I was growing up but now my parents have a lifestyle block with 3 sheep 2 newborn lambs, 3 year old calves and 4 2 year old calves. Cories Mum's renting and we have a cat Dakota-Grace and she has a cat Cola must be different rules to you, hope you can get a pet soon smile
Hope you get the job smile is it with under 2's or over 2's will you take charlotte with you and have her in the centre?
Welcome Kirby smile that must be exicting your first bub. sorry to hear about your miscarriage oo000oo00. My sister-inlaw is most probably having a girl too shes due the week after you shes 28 this is her third bub she has jasmine 6 and an angel Mikey who passed away (SIDS). If you want any more names just ask and I can give you some ideas I am obessed hehe
[Edited on 12/08/2009]
Hey Sharelle nice to meet you smile
your wee boy has such a cool name! does it have special meaning?
Hi Anna! Thanks for the comment on his name! Apart from my own parents no one likes his name and they dont mind telling me so its nice to hear someone say that they like it! It doesnt really have any meaning, i heard it watching the football once and really liked it, it was actually a players surname but that doesnt bother me much, i like anything differant and hubby actually agreed on it which was a bonus! Hes not that keen on differant names smile
Hi to Gabrielle, Kirby and Sharelle!

Sharelle - sometimes I wonder why people are so opinionated on names? I think Wakelin is a nice name - very different, sure! But that's great in my book! I mean I understand everyone is entitled to their opinions, but there is a little person with that name - deal with it people! lol! iykwim...

Had another scorcher here in Oz today Anna, huge thunderstorm tonight, lost one of our palm trees (about 10 foot tall)! Just snapped off at the base. Tyran was freaking out - it's the first time, normally he's really cool with the storms... but it was a bit of a doozy tonight! Lost power for a bit too, so that didn't help. He ended up "hiding" in our bed under the duna - with me - I wasn't allowed to leave his side...
Hello ladies, hope everyone has had a nice weekend..

Sytarnya- we are going to albany on the 19th December actually, for the weekend, we have rellies there who haven't seen the girls so we will go up and show them off.
I would also say twins is harder than 2 singles although i wouldn't know but judging on what other people tell me.. with twins they do everything at the same time, so you have 2 in nappies, 2 toilet training, 2 teething, 2 learning to eat, 2 throwing tantrums at the same time.. whereas if you have 2 singels they will be doing things at different times. Also i find with my two they throw more tantrums because they dont want to share me or the toys, if one is with me the other one has to be to which makes it hard as having 2 12 kilo babies hanging off you is hard work!! lol.

Anna- I never dress my girls the same, for starters there are so many pretty baby clothes out there that i want to buy them all and not 2 of everything, and when you dress them the same you get asked a lot of stupid questions which really get on your nerves when your asked them everyday, and also they don't bother to learn the girls differences only their similarities.. Their personalities are so different that sometimes its' hard to remember that they are twins they really are two different little girls.

Welcome to the new ladies and i do like the name Wakelin.. it's different but not an embarrasement to him later on.

We had a good weekend, although it's been really cold here and black clouds, typical for our town, it is always meant to rain and always holds off then when its' meant to be sunny it always rains.
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