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Mackenzie Lock Rss

Hi girls,

I just had this name fall onto my radar!! I really like it but feel it has a bit of a "poshness" to it that i'm not fond of, (silly i know) what go you all think of the name, for a girl and any pretty spelling for it?

Love this name..I also love just Kenzie

Mackenzie is my nieces middle name however I am not a fan of it. For some reason I just can't stand names that sound like surnames! I don't know why! lol

3 Gorgeous Girls!

FYI I know two girl Mackenzie's AND two boy Mackenzie's. I think it will be one of those names when written down people wil not know if the person is male or female. However, that is just my opinion, not necessarily right and you should choose the name that is right for you and your baby!

No offence but I don't think it has any poshness to it, a bit of the opposite actually. Just mo though.

I like the name how you have spelt it though.
It has been quite a popular name of late, not really my taste... my second cousin's name is Mackenzie (she gets Kenzie for a nn)

another spelling:
I prefer for Boy nm Mack I always think boy when I hear it I don't know why though
Thats a nice mixed bag of replies. Thanks ladies, something to think about. No doubt it will be struck down by dp anyway, lol, what is it with men and their lack of commitment or urgency when it comes to choosing a name, or just having some names in mind and ready to go?

Have you got any others you like?
I really like Cadence, others on the list include: Serenity, Tiahli,(unsure of spelling which will prob be the end of that name unfortunately) thats really all atm though, i'm tossing up between Mackenzie and Cadence.

I really like Tiahli its beautiful thats my favourite out of the ones you like smile
I like Mackenzie! I'd never heard of it for a boy and I'd always assume girl until told otherwise lol. I also like Tiahli if I'm saying it right.

I like Mackenzie how you spell it too, I don't like first names that start off with Mc..

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