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Is this REALLY a bad middle name? Lock Rss

DP and I decided if we have a boy, we'd like to merge my Pa and his Poppy's names together for the middle name.
They are Jack and Stanley. So we came up with Jackstan (I say it like Jackson but with a 't')

I asked my sis to circulate the name at her workplace for general opinion and I got a 100% shotdown!!

Just wanted other opinions..we really like the idea of honouring our Grandpa's this way but I've been made to feel the names a bit tacky...

What's your honest opinion?

Thank you!!

I think it's a nice idea and i don't think it's a bad middle name..
It's a middle name so it's not used very often anyways so i reckon go for it.
I really like it!!! Its a great combination and a nice tribute to both fathers!
I dont see why it would get the thumbs down its nice..
as a middle name i would say ok, but would spell it jackstyn. i wouldnt have it as a first name tho.
It's ok for a mn - I agree with pp and would spell it differently, so it looks like a name in it's own right iykwim?


i think its nice for a middle name smile

it may look funny now but you will get used to it and you will be proud of it!!!

or could you give him both the middle names, jack and stanley???

either way i think its a lovely idea to pass on your grampas' names.

how about trying different combos of letters? or adding in more names adn using 2 letters from each name?

jack stanley


or can always just have two middle names?

Sorry, to be honest, I really don't like it. I would just give him two middle names, Jack Stanley or Stanley Jack (this actually sounds great!) depending on first name if you want to honour your family.
Your grandfathers may not like their names stuck together, older people are usually more traditional. My grandma was horrified when my parents named me an uncommon name! LOL

Good Luck!
[Edited on 08/01/2009]
I agree with Shari I like Stanley Jack
Thank you for all your suggestions! I actually never even thought of two middle names smile We're only planning to have two bubba's so I didn't want just one of their names in there. I'll show DP this thread and see what he thinks.

Thanks again!!

If you were to use it...I would too say just to spell it differently...becuase I read it as Jack-Stan... the way you say it is great though. Or use both names as two middle names... that is quite common too...

I have heard worse I found out my cousin who is having a boy has named her baby already (we are due the same day but she is being induced on Monday due to a big baby) but her baby is Coban...which I dont mind...but middle name is Balfort Like Balfour but with a T...haha She does not like it at all but that is her partners middle name so wants to go with it... Ah well.
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