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just wanting to hear reactions and opinions on the name Fox for a boy. positive or negative. i won't be offended!


Not a fan of Fox what about Foxtin/Foxten
No sorry not keen on it.
Nope sorry i dont like it!
it's definitely unusual!! i don't think its hideous, lol, i actually think its kind of cool, but admittedly would never use it.

big negative sorry!

Not a fan of it sorry, it's a little bit trailer park. lol, you wanted opinions!
sorry, not for me either - I think of "fox" as a sexy lady! smile so just doesn't gel as a boy's name...
Cool! This is on my list if next babe is another boy smile]
thanks for your responses, now i have ammuntion to show DH that this name is awful lol!!!

he heard it when we had DS and we were chatting to a physio about some of the odd names she had heard during her time on the maternity ward and this was one of them. 2 days later DH admitted that he loved the name. i think its terrible!!! ever since he has gone on and on about it and that if we have a boy again he wants to call him Fox....we'll see about that!!!

lol - Oh Clara, its horendous ! Stick to your guns no matter what hubby thinks !

It makes me think of "Foxy" which to me sorry sounds a bit porn starish IYKWIM.

LOL, sorry but it definitely doesn't sound like a name for a boy OR a girl to me. Probably because DF refers to women he thinks are hot as "a fox".

Also, I tried saying it in a sentence as a boy's name and it just doesn't work in my head! lol. Has your partner got any other names he likes?

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