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have a girls name picked need boys Rss

I have a 5 year old son called Zachary, and we are expecting another child in July, we have chosen a girls name (Alyssa Maree) but is stuck on ideas for a boys name.

Tania, New Zealand

Ohhh I love looking at names!! I am around children often as I am a teacher so hear many different names. Lovely girls name. What sort of name are you looking for? A name I would love to call a boy (but my partner wont allow it, lol) is Ezra, Rielly, Conner, Leroy, Oliver, and the list goes on! Good Luck! Keep me posted on your decision!


hi there:)i like the names:maklin,cayden & kiahn hope these help!

carrie,25,kiwi living in oz

When I thought I was going to have a boy I was going to name it Keanu. I love that name!

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