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If your partner could name your baby, boy and girl - no questions asked - what would they call them?

Mine would be:

girl: Nyah
boy: Cohen

my DH has pretty good taste! smile
Thanks for posting! LOL

I know he likes Abby for a girl but not sure on boys, I shall ask him when he gets home...

ok he's back... So far we have Anneliese for a girl and Conrad, Isaac and Leroy for a boy.

I like Conrad.

[Edited on 16/01/2009]
[Edited on 03/02/2009]
My DP is impossible we have total opposite taste he likes common simple names and im like unique one of a kind names well theyre not horrible names and other people have them they are just not gonna have a classmate with the same name!
Haha this is so funny.

DP and i have complete different taste.

For girsl he wanted to name DD

For a boy he wanted Nathaniel

I dont mind Chloe but just not for my DD.

DH wanted Thomas or Kate, both nice names but a bit standard for me.
DS2 has Thomas as a middle name.

We were being silly the other night. These are the names he came up with!!!

Girl: Angel Melon- i cracked up it sounds like a porn star name lol.

Boy: Lynton Miles
Both are train stations in Adelaide.

Can't say they our secret squirrel names smile
Posted by: dakotagrace
Can't say they our secret squirrel names smile

Booooo! That's no fun! tongue
Hehe we havent told anyone! not even our parents! you guys be first to know when we eventually have bubs
My husband thought of the name for our second daughter Alana, and as I basically had the name picked out for our first daughter even before we tried for children, I thought he deserved to name one hehe.

For boys he like Christopher and James.
Not bad taste really!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

dp liked

shane <- dps name
and paul


never really had much imput when we were naming our dd (thank god the only name i like out of these is jayden but its very popular, thank god we had a girl!)

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