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Any suggestions for an urgent unique boys name!!! Rss


I am due in the next couple of weeks and we have not really settled on a boys name. All we know is that we want the middle name to be Jack (after my hubby's father).


Im new to the forums. I thought i would share my sons name havent heard many people with it.

His name is Makani, it is hawaain meaning wind. We call him Kani for short and a few people call him maccy but i dont really like that.

Now i am due in July and have no idea with a name for this baby,.....
My son is Athan (like Nathan but no 'N')
My hubby and I couldn't decide between Aiden and Ethan so we made our own up.

I've always liked the name Deacon for a boy!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

hi there i like ..

Belinda, VIC, Baby Mia

Our neighbours boy is called Rylan, i think that sounds nice with Jack.
Good luck

Mum of Kadie Rose, Taya Makaylee & Tianah Reubie

Corbin Jack
Declan Jack
Kynan Jack
Noah Jack

I really liked those names for a boy, (we're having a girl)
Hope they help!

Loveena Qld, Jordyn 5, Andrew 4 + ?

I think Marley is a great boys name - not too many boys with that name either!
hi there i really liked the name OLIVER but my partner thought it was 2 old so we settled on NOAH we are not churchy people but loved the name and it suits him hope this helps

jess,wgtn, 2 under 2s

Archer Jack
Omri (pronounced "om-ree"). It's a bible name but the only time I have ever heard it is on a movie called "The Indian In The Cupboard".




just some suggestions... I have unusual tastes.

Renee 27 NZ, Abby DOB 12.5.04 Sophie DOB 9.9.06

after watching the commonwaelth games i have seen some unique names: moss, kenrick to mention 2

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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