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I just had a baby... but now i want his name changed Lock Rss

i had my baby on the 27h of January (2 weeks ago) and i registered his name as the name everyone pressured me to use (stupid i realise).... but now it makes me sick to even tell people its his name, i hate it so much.
do u think it might be easy for me to change it to the name i want to or will it just be a huge @uck around?

for those who will ask the name i registered was Julian... the name i want is Sebastian.

i dont know! if you call births deaths and marriages they will help you there! you have to be happy
If you do want to change it, do it now before he learns his own name and it is on all his documents. It really shouldn't be too much drama at this stage. Good luck with your descision making!

I agree you have to be happy with the name. Hopefully since bubs is still newbornish they can change it.
Should be quiet easy I would do it asap though so he doesnt get confused later on.... I like the name Sebastian and Iam sure it will suit him and you much better! not that Julain is that bad...
I would start telling people his name was Sebastian now save you feeling sick you know....
Dont let anyone talk you into anything else... which Iam sure you realise now!

Goodluck and congrates!

You may be lucky if you ring them they may be still processing it otherwise. It is going to cost a fee to change as you have already sent in the papers.

I would be giving them a call in the morning and see if you can do anyhting.
If you give them a call they might be able to change it if they haven't done his birth certificate and stuff yet. Or they might give you drama with it and make you pay the fee for when you want to change your name.

I think both names are lovely, but you have to feel good about it. I'd also do it asap. Just make sure you really do want to make the change, because I know when I had my DS I took ages to get used to calling him Lucas (he was always just called "Junior" when he was inside)... but now I can't imagine him as anything else and I adore it.
If you really hate Julian though of course you should change it.
What state are you in?? In WA you can do it up to 12 months and quite cheaply. I would do it ASAP because if you hate it and were pressured into it you wont come round in time to liking it ever...

Try birth, deaths and marriages site in your state and you should be able to download the paperwork
[Edited on 10/02/2009]
sorry but i just had to agree with you there mummy1979, Lucas is an adorable name LOL!!!

ohh dear, what a shame. You poor bugger.
I actually think Julian is a lovely name, BUT,YOU need to LOVE it, and clearly you don't, so it shouldn't be too hard.
Is his middle name Sebastian? Lots of people, especially the older generation, go by there middle name.

From what I've heard it's not difficult to do, you just have to lodge "change of name" forms and I think the fee is around $200 (??) Good luck.
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