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is there any names that you loved but couldn't for one reason or another call your children

for me i love the name


but for some reason couldn't call my girls it
it was high on the list for both and as no more are in the pipeline will never use it

I loved the name Oivia but it was the name of ex DP's ex so not appropriate, they are now back together so that could have been interesting
I wanted to call Jazmyn Khe Sanh, Greg said, 'Not a f&*kin' chance'. That was the end of that.

Yes I am serious!
Leticha was high on our list for our first 2 but they were boys

After them we just didn't want to use it (good thing we had boys lol)

I also liked Savannah but if I was to have a girl now I wouldn't use it

The same one as you! I love the name Imogen and it was on the shortlist but for some reason I couldn't use it. Probably because I tend to blur the syllables when I say it so it sounds a bit mumbled.
I wanted to name baby No 3 Hudson but he came a she....and no more planned here.
i have an name i didnt want to use, but because my DD named her, she has the name i never wanted! We have an Ella, adn years ago i worked in a supermarket where a really big girl came in with her really big baby called Ella, and the mean boys nicknamed her Ella-phant, so i always worried that if i had an Ella and she was on the larger side, she would be teased. Anyway, my 10yo DD named the baby as i told her she could, but even now i call her Elle, rarely Ella.. Bit off topic though, kind of opposite.
I like the name Lily, but with our surname White it would be cruel. Also to many Roberts with our surname.
I wanted to call DD Ava but she'd have the same middle name as me and Ava Maree sounded too close to Ave Maria for me to be 100% happy with it. Shame though. I also liked Vada from 'My Girl' but Shane kept thinking of Darth Veda (sp?) so we canned it unfortunately.

Jon has always wanted the name Xavier. I didn't like it but he convinced me while I was still high on Pethedine so we now have a Xavier. It suits him though and it has grown on me.
I love the name Cooper as it was my maiden name and I think it is lovely as a first name, but he'd never agree to it because he doesn't like first names as last names. But if we have another boy I'll be pushing for it! Haha, pushing for it. I made a funny. LOL

If DS had been a girl, 95% chance he would have been Caitlyn Rose - we now cannot use it as 6 months later my brother & his gf called their daughter Katelyn. So sad (and yeah, we were annoyed lol)

There are a few others we have liked but just sound stupid with our surname (explaining why our dog is Molly Morley, as she rarely uses her last name lol)
Oh I thought of another one

I wanted Dimity~Jane but my auntie made fun of it cause of our last name (Whittet)

She said Dimwit, so that was scratched

Now I am not married to that man & if I ever get married again then I might consider using it

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