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#2 Due - Need a boys name to go with Maddox Rss

We are expecting our second boy beginning of July, but are finding it hard to decide upon a name that matches with (and we like as much as) Maddox, our one year old. I like Levi, but Hubby doesn't, he likes Jett, but I'm not so sure, we both don't mind Ryder, but are not convinced.... the other thing being we have a one syllable last name, so will a one syllable first name sound too short?

My husband is Cambodian, so a traditional 'european" name just wouldn't quite sound right...?

Any ideas/suggestions appreciated!

Sarah, NZ - Mum to Maddox 02/03/05 & Jett 30/06/06

Hey congrats on your pregancy, i really like levi, so i guess you are going for unusual names? if so that's great being different is always great, the names i can only come up with which i really love is Caleb and Malakai umm i would be able to think of more but i need to know like maybe you should look at meanings a meaningful name is always great. if you have msn feel free to add me, if you want, my address is : It would be great to chat to you.. Take care x0x0x0x0
howdy, firstly i wanna say that i love the name Maddox!! sounds so cool!!
I like Ryder.. other names i think are good 4 boys..
Good luck on finding a name that you both love as much as

Foley 03/05/04, Corbin 13/04/07

what about Jett Ryder

Elizabeth, Alexis 7mths, Vic

how about Boyd?or is it too short? Harley is another name i loked but hubby didnt

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I love Ryder
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