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i had chosen the perfect baby name Lock Rss

only for the father to say no.

the babies name we agreed on was mercedes ava, but i now love icesis, and i stupidly suggested calais, which he know loves. he said no to icesis calais.

so next i have to suggest calais icesis...does that sound alright? and could i use only her second name, and be happy with that, or would that cause issues?

You guys into cars?
How do you pronounce Icesis?

no, i was watching tv and saw a add for a calais. so i suggested it, without actually thinking it through, because now i dont really like the name.

and mercedes was our ds name if he was a girl. and weve just had that as our babies name so far, as we havnt agreed on any other name for it. (im too picky)

actually i only saw the name icesis on a piece of paper, but i think it would be said isis. but i wont have a name under 5 letters, so i wont spell it isis.
[Edited on 04/03/2009]

If you say Calais Icesis out loud, it sounds like a medical condition...

I would try to convince him of Icesis Calais if that's the name you really like. Or not, it's your child..
i'll be perfectly honest. i dont like either. at all.
mercedes is nice but i couldnt use it anymore because it reminds me of chapelle corby's sister LOL
Calais just screams CAR to me and Isis i like, but not the way you have spelt it.

It would be weird for you to call her by her 2nd name, if he calls her by her first name though.

Ava is my favourite name out of all the ones you mentioned.

Good luck agreeing on something that you both like.
oh i forgot to say i absolutely LOVE the name Ava
hmm yes.. i dont think i like tehm either TBH but thats me..

just seems hard to pronouce and sort of a tongue twister kwim?
hmm, another person said it did sound like a medical condition aswell.

now im just as stuck as i was at the start of the pregnancy. i have read many baby name books, and i just dont like any names.

i wish my first was a girl, because he would just be mercedes, and i have the perfect boys name for this baby that i am 100% with, but the baby is a girl.

i chose ava because i do like it, and Mercedes is so long the second name had to be short. but it cant be a first name because....

its too common, its too short (i wont have a name shorter than 5 letters or less than 2 syllables)

i sound like a weirdo lol too fussy. did everyone else have such a hard time picking a babies name?

even though i asked for everyones opinion when i was pregnant too, the best thing to do is ask no one for their opinion and just listen to your heart....and your husband LOL

as long as you both like it, thats all that matters
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