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Jayden... Lock Rss

I have always loved the name Jayden for a boy, though not sure on which spelling to use!

Jaedyn (though does JAE = Jay or Jye?)
Jaeden (as above?)

Also, any suggestions on middle names? Have not really thought too much about it at this stage, so any ideas would be great!

I wouldnt pronounce Jae as Jye... and I prefer Jaeden from your list (bit over it spelt as Jayden)


Jaeden Noah
Jaeden Chase
Jaeden Seth
Jaeden Connor
Jaeden Troy
Jaeden Tyler
Jaeden Kyle
Jaeden Reese
Jaeden Isaac
Jaeden Bailey

hope this helps smile
I really don't like Jayden, I much prefer Jae/Jay
It just reminds me too much of that poor little Jayden Leske.

I would just keep it simple with spelling though if you do decide to use it.

I would stick with Jayden.

I like Matthew as a middle name for it. Jayden Matthew.
I prefer Jayden spelling.

Jayden Cole
Jayden Drew
Jayden Blake

My DS is Jayden Thomas. I love the name. Towards the end of my pregnancy I wasn't sure because it was becoming so popular but the love of the name finally made the decision for me. He couldn't be anything else now !!

I love the name Thomas, it is also my DH middle name and both GGF's names also.

Jayden Thomas also sounds great.

Hope that helps....


My son is Jaedyn.......... love the name!!!

I do like the name Jayden, and i like it spelt this way.

But its also getting very popular atm.

Good luck deciding =)
id spell it Jayden
same as PP, would spell it Jayden

I think Jaydens a great name. Spelt this way!.

How About

Jayden Lee
Jayden Max
Jayden Luke
Jayden Kai
Jayden Edward
Jayden Riley

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