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Hi, my name is Rikki. Im due in 10 weeks, very over it. Im 20 and moved to the city from the country so dont have many mates this way, looking to chat to others who are forever bored. Is anyone else due around 3 June? Im from Perth.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Hey I'm new today too! This is my first pregnancy and due 28th of June. I can understand how you feel and It's only gonna get worse before it gets over! I seem to spend all my time sitting in front of the computer and accomplish nothing worth while! Makes me feel a bit worthless... but I tell myself that once bub comes it will be a whole differant story... my time to be lazy and bored will be long gone forever!!!

Hope your last few weeks go fast and well!

Take care,

Mum of Ondene Rose 27/6/2006, EDD Baby Boy 11 Feb

Hi Rikki,
My name is Cassie and I'm a little behind you, I'm due on 1st July.
I'm starting to think I'm over it too. I feel really bad when I say that, because it was difficult for us to fall pregnant and it's not that I'm not grateful for it finally happening, but the heartburn, the discomfort sleeping, the fact that my morning walks seem to be getting more all adds up doesn't it!
Which hospital are you going to? About packing for the big event, most websites I've read seem to more or less agree on the main items and if you find that need anything else you can always send out a family member to get it:-)
I'm having my girl at Glengarry because it is about 5 minutes from home:-)
hey rikki
my name is anneke im 20 and expecting my first baby. im due in mid july. my sister is due on the 15th of june. its ok im bored too so sick of watching daytime tv. im from perth too. where abouts have you moved from. hope to hear form you soon smile


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