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Middle Name Ideas Anyone??? Lock Rss

We are the strangest couple on the face of the earth... the first week after we found out we were pregnant I asked hubby what about names... he said... haven't we already picked them out... um huh??? Ya ... well turns out we'd already discussed names we liked:

Ioan for a boy (pronounced Yoan... welsh for John)

Ondene for a girl

true we had... so I said ya that's fine. I came up with middle name for Ioan.. Ioan Kade but I am still up in the air about Ondene. I was thinking of Marie (my middle name) or Mariah, another name we both like (obviously I like it from my nickname!).

So anyone have any ideas or thoughts? Needs to sound decent with Anderson too!

Mum of Ondene Rose 27/6/2006, EDD Baby Boy 11 Feb

Not sure if you're after welsh names but I looked up a few that could complient Ondene.
Ondene Gwyneth Anderson
Ondene Gwyn Anderson
Ondene Sian Anderson
Ondene Bronwyn Anderson
Ondene Jennifer Anderson
just some ideas - you may like them or then again hate all of them!
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