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Newly pregnant - already thinking NAMES!! Could I get some opinions... Lock Rss

Isla is still the winner, Eden is nice but popularity appears to be rising quickly, not a lover of Erin.

Here's my 2cents worth!! wink

For a girl, Grace (although I'm a bit biased as it's my DD's middle name)... Goes with Callum nicely though! I do like Eden too though...

Boy, definitely Eli - also matches with Callum I think!!

Hmmm, yes Grace was our choice if our DS was going to be a girl.... I like Eli heaps, Elijah is nice and different, but also like Elliot (can that be shortened to Eli too?), but not sure if it's the best choice as it sounds like a surname and our surname sounds like a first name, people may confuse them all the time....!

Or Elias as alternative to Elijah
Oh yes I like Elias too. But paired with our surname it could confuse people as our surname sounds very much like a first name and people could mix them up. Elliot(t) is nice too but there's the same problem!

i love chase hamilton such a cute boys names.

mummy of 3 another on way


Isla(Very Pretty Name)



Love the name Callum(that's on our list of boys names)
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