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Girls name to go with middle name Rose? Please help! Lock Rss


Ill try make my post short but the background is, in October I had to terminate our baby at 5 1/2months due to kidney problems (o% chance of survival) we were told it was a girl...I spent 2 weeks crying over my Emma Rose then when she was born it was a boy, we named him Kye. Iam now pregnant with our second and the scans reveal that this baby is very healthy and definately a girl. I am so excited and am due in august I still love the name Emma Rose but it brings back to many memories, any ideas for sweet girls names that go with rose? we like Sharni, but I would love some new ideas, please help just throw your ideas at me!!!
Thanks I will keep you all posted

Hi Candise

That is so sad what you went through...
My heart goes out to you.
I bet you are really excited to be having this little girl come into your life - all the best to you smile

Here are some suggestions that i think go nice with Rose...

Jenna Rose
Alicia Rose
Ella Rose (one of my favs!)
Tahnee Rose
Emily Rose (might be a bit close to Emma ??)

By the way - i noticed you are having your baby at SJOG Subi...we are due in Nov and will be going there too smile

Wishing you all the best.

Hi Candise,
so sorry to hear about your baby.My thoughts r with you.

My sister named her baby georgia rose .I loved that name .but now i have a lovely name i am going to use with my bub due in august

5 kids now

Hi there.

I think Leah Rose, or even Lily Rose are lovely names... hope they help.

Take Care and all the best.

Get back to us when you are sure!

Analiyah Skye due 15th May!

Hi Candice

I have a little girl her name is Indy Cecelia

I think Indy Rose sounds really cute.

All the best


Hi Candise
You're a brave soul and it takes courage to do what you did. I can only imagine how tough the past 6 or so months have been for you and your partner. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish you all the very best during your pregnancy and thereafter.
How about Emily Rose, it's close to Emma but not the same.
Best wishes
Hi Candise,

I am so sorry that your earlier pregnancy ended like it did. If you want something similar to Emma you could go for Emmaline or Amelia or even Amelie. However, if the similarity is too close for comfort then I always thought Charlotte Rose was a beautiful name as well as Bethany Rose. I can understand if you want to stay away from versions of Emma. We lost a twin early on with this pregnancy and when DH suggested Thomas for a possible boys name I couldn't consider it when I discovered its meaning is 'twin'.

Best of luck for a smooth pregnancy and even smoother birth.

Thanks everyone!

I like Jenna Rose and a few others, my husband works away and as soon as he is home (next tuesday) I will show him the names, please keep them coming the more to choose from the better.

What do you think of Jordyn Rose? that way we can call her Jordy? let me know

Thanks so much for the support I will keep you posted!
hi sorry to hear of your news. I have always liked the sound of Olivia Rose you could call her Oli or Liv for short? Best of luck.

hope all goes well with this pregnancy

my daughters name is danielle rose so i call her danni rose for short everyone who has heard her name loves it
hope it helps

bindy,nsw, 1st born 42 wks , 2nd born 29 wks


Im glad that you are a positive person and have overcome what you have smile

I like the name Aishia (pronounced asia) Rose. Im due july but not sure what im having yet.

Goodluck finding a name i am also tossing up between rose or may as a middle name and god only knows what for it's first name smile
hi my name is emma rose and i am due in sept, i wanted to use rose in her name (if its a girl) and i thought Kayla rose
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