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looking for a nice girls name to go with the midle name samantha. Lock Rss

Hi everyone..
I recently miscarriage a baby in October and I really felt it was going to be a girl and we were going to call her Samantha. I am pregnant again and I was going to call this baby Samantha again but everyone says you already had a Samantha so why don’t I have it as bubs middle name. Because Samantha is a long name, trying to find a nice name to go with Samantha is very hard. Has anyone got any nice names that could go with it.. I have a boys name already pick so that’s not a problem. It’s is Benjamin Joseph. I don’t know what I am having but have a strong feeling its a boy but some days I feel it might be a girl. But better be prepared then wait till the last sec which has happened to one of my children. Didn’t pick her name until after she was born.. Her name is Stacey.

cerina & Jasmine 26 week prem 26/5/06

Ohh, that is a hard one.

Finding a middle name for Samantha is easy, but finding a name to go first is a bit harder.

Probably a short first name is the best way to go...Here are some ideas...

Lily Samantha
Tahlia Samantha
Mia Samantha

I'm sure someone will post with a name you just love!
Best of luck!

I think you could put almost anything with Samantha as our middle names don't get used that much really, mostly on official documentation only.
Do you like unique, unusual names or more classic names?
Thank you lady's I will keep some of those names in mind. It might have to be right after the baby is born to find out what name bubs will be if it is a girl. I should have my ultrasound next week if I can fit in anywhere. And I am not to sure about finding out what bubs is. I have never found out before but this one is different. I really want to know.

cerina & Jasmine 26 week prem 26/5/06

Evelyn Samantha
Lilly Samantha
Luna Samantha
Lola Samantha
Hayley Samantha
Holly Samantha

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

I think if you have a long middle name then you should definately have a short first name some short girls names that I like are...

Mya/ Maya

Hope I've been of some help to you

Lesbian mother to 7 month old Lola

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