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unusal baby names? Lock Rss

how is the naming going? i saw the name jaegar in a book i was reading.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i know two kai's spelt ky and kye

its a gorgeous name

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi all well i only have 24 days to go till bubs is born and we have decided on laylen for him i was tossing up between laylen and makelin but my b/f preffers laylen so i guess it will be laylen.
hey shantel22!

did you really have "d'artagnan" on your list??? that's my first-born's (5y.o.) name!!! there really aren't many around! and most people, when he/we tell them his name, say "what?" most think it's beautiful, but there have been some who've said "my god! i definitely wouldn't use that for my child!" (or something along these lines! smile ). i'm in love with this name and have been since i heard it in "the three musketeers", but really fell in love with it when i saw how it was spelled on the gravestone in "man in the iron mask" (about 3yrs before he was born!) .
...just curious, is this where you got it from? the movies? or somewhere else?
would you believe my husbands name is "ash" (actually "ashley", but EVERYONE calls him "ash" for short!).

hey twinkletoes!

i looove unusual names and my sons are:
d'artagnan jake (dar-tan-yan)
zakariah josh
szajann joel (say-jan)

...other names i like, although can't get hubby to agree on (! smile ) are:

tariq/tarique (i know theres another mum around here somewhere with a son called tariq-i think this is her spelling!)

...others that he kinda likes, but we may never use are:

...we were going to call our last one this the whole pregnancy until a week before he was born, we found a name that we loved even more...

"xzabaen" (zay-bee-an) - my husband made it up, spelling included!

anyway, sorry for the long post, hope i've been of some help! smile

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

hELLO all,
Well i named my son Lyzel, i get alot of people asking me where i got that name...LOL!! They loved it and it's unsual..
I have quite a few boy names that aren't so common
Just a few i cud go on....LOL!! Anyways i hope u find a nice name...

melb,vic....2yr old boy

hi liza!

so, where did you get "lyzel" from? and do you pronounce it "lye-zell" or "lies-lll"...? or something totally different? i like "moezacc", but i could be biased, having a "zak" myself! (i also like mosaicing! tongue ). i like "utah", too, but there's no way hubby would come at the name of an american state!!! smile

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

my 19yr daughter is having a baby January 2005 and is going to name him Eireamhoin :~ I am told it is prounouced Airavone. Can anyone tell me what it means and where it comes from? Her 16 month old son is named Lestat 8) does anyone know the meaning to this either?

mum to 5

hi fluttah-bye
yes i got d'artagnan from the three musketeers i love it! i also love balthazar for a boy.
Taita comes from a wilbur smith book River God. Taita is the male slave to the queen i thought it was to girly for a boy but for a girl beautiful.
At the moment im loving the names from Lord of the Rings.
i was even tempted by the other names in the three musketeers but my family said my son would get picked on too much and have nick names.

shantel, 5yr old son, girl born on 29th july

hi shantel!

i hadn't actually been that fussed on the other names from "the three musketeers", but once "d'artagnan" was born, EVERYONE used to say "so what are you going to name the next one? athos, porthos, or arimus?" or "you're going to have to have 3 more now!" or something along these lines!!! (that's if they had recognized where the name came from!).
as i've gone along, though, i have begun to like the other names more and more, but really don't think that i could do that to our kids, to have more than one of the musketeers?!
my husband is very particular with whether names could have some sort of horrid nick name that kids would come up with. i love the name "luther" but hubby has always said "ehh! luther the loser!!!", so obviously that's out for us! :'(

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

how about the name izac its short and sweet!

jodi,nsw,7mth bubz

Hi Twinkletoes

I also am looking for unusual names, seeing as i was given one myself. It makes you feel special i guess. My name is pronounced "Sha - lee". My parents used the first three letters of each of their names. My dad's name was Shane and my mum's name Leanne. Try it with yours and your partners... you never know what you might come up with lol.

I really like what one of the other mum's suggested names : Szajann & Xzabaen (pronounced "say jan" and "zay bee an") I think at first some names sound weird and then the more you say them, they grow on you.

Here are some name I have considered:
Ethan, Sebastian
Montanna Lee, Baileyanna, Charlize, Taylah

It's still very early though... I have plenty of time.

Good Luck!!

I went to university with a girl who had a friend called Ashlin, always loved that name ever since.

mum 2 b due 3rd june

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