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unusal baby names? Lock Rss

i like the name Tarquin for a boy or Amos and for a girl i like amber and abbey i also like noah for a boy and kezziah for a girl i have a niece whitney and a nephew Liam

mum to Levi, Paige & Isaiah

I have been trying to keep this name under wraps for so long! You obviously read novels by Tara Moss. I love this name. A friend of mine combined her mother and sisters names together to come up with something unique. Just a thought. Anyway i am new to this forum and want to thank all the mums and mums2b for their wisdom and advice, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Good Luck to all the expecting mums.

Chontal, Vic, Baby boy Blayden

Well just to let everyone know i had my baby boy on the 4th december and we decided to stick with laylen but i wasnt fussed between laylen and makelin. people are always asking where did i get that name from i guess i kinda made it up so now we have a caprice and laylen gotta love the unusual names as know one here where i live have either of these names. anyway goodluck everyone choosing names.

Gotta love some of the names that have been suggested. I'm intp unusual names aswell, having a name like mine...

Can I just suggest that you think carefully before naming your baby's. They have to live with that name for the rest of their lives..

i know what it feels like to have to grow up, spelling and pronouncing your name to everyone. No-one ever gets it right.

But having said that, i'm due in 3 weeks with baby boy #2, and am considering Flynn or Jodee.

I also like Trader..

Good luck.

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

Just wanted to say that as far as I know, Lestat is from Interveiw with a Vampire smile

Shannon, TAS, #4 born Jan 13th, 2010!

We are expecting our second boy. My husband is in the army and took a baby names book away with them. All the boys liked them name Odyn.

mum 2 boys

I'm a teacher and there is a family at my school with three boys called Zeke, Zane and Zebedee.
The parents names both start with D.


Alison, Vic, Abby 2.5 yrs, Poppy 5 mths

hi i have a 3 month old daughter called Cassidy Nola. lucky she was a girl my parnter wanted Dargon or Maynard. Here a very unual name my mums name is Kenna

mel nsw

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