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Hi all,

We don't know the sex yet but we have our boy's name all sorted (for now anyway). We are struggling with girls though.

What are your thoughts on Elodie?
I lurve it! It's a name that grows from baby, to girl, to woman. I have always liked Melody (similar sound), but would be worried it didnt suit a grown woman.

This is perfect smile
I quite like it. Only concern is that it is sooo like Melody that peopole may mishear or confuse it with that but then again I know an Ellery and as far as I know shes never confused with Mallory which is so similar.
I think it seems incomplete, like Melody cut short. I like Ellie though, either as a complete name or a nickname...
Its cute smile
I like Elodie, it's a cute name.
Oh, Elodie is divine! smile Sorry for the gushing, but she's been one of my favourites for at least a decade!
She's undeniably feminine, without being frilly, substantial and very sophisticated, and she rolls off the tongue well too.

She'd be a very well named little girl strapped with a name that will carry her through adulthood if she were named Elodie.

I personally don't think most people would assume her to be named Melody - many people can note the difference, and if you point it out, it'll be sure to stick.

Do you have any thoughts on middle names? or any other fn you are thinking of?!

-Mother to Matilda [2005], Oliver & Iris [2008]

Wow! I didn't expect Elodie to fair this well!

The only other girl's name I like is Calla but unfortunately it doesn't fit the baby's surname.

Please throw some middle names at me! I have nothing as yet. I prefer uncommon names and also like old fashioned names. Our boys pick is Cormac Zane to give you an idea. Zane isn't really my taste but it was chosen by the Daddy and it flows nicely enough.
I think Elodie is perfect for your style Sette. It is not my style at all but I think it is a very nice name for you guys to choose - I am not into old fashioned names though.
Not sure how I'll fair in the middle name department for your style - but here it goes:

Elodie Mirabel
Elodie Mireille (mee-ray i think is the french pronunciation?)
Elodie Solene
Elodie Blythe - not sure on this one
Elodie Isaline - love this
Elodie Acadia
Elodie Alise (ah-leese)
Elodie Audan
Elodie Xavierra / Xaviera


[Edited on 27/04/2009]
Wow, I havent heard it before... It a lovely name. I really like it!!
Not really my style but if you guys like it then go for it. It could grow on me though.
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