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Marlee for a girl ... opinions apprecaited Lock Rss

We are having great difficulty coming up with names for our princess. Every name we agree on someone has a new baby who has a name very simular (as we have heaps of pg friends) so we cant use it or family members get new pets and call them our names!!

We have recently come up with Marlee / Marley which we both seem to be ok with .... opinions on what everyone else thinks would be great!

No offense taken for negative comments


I like it. I know a girl called Marley... she is now 20. Everyone comments on her unusual name but never any bad or negative comments. Sometimes she does get called Bob though. LOL. But I think it's a cute name!

I loved Marley for a boy after Bob Marley but it has become popular for girls spelt Mahli
I actually like it. I wouldn't use it myself but I'd think it was lovely on someone else's child smile
Only like the spelling Marley though.
I'm sorry all I can think of is Marlee and Me the book (and now movie) so to me it says a dogs name.
I love it - spelt Mahli!

My cousins' bub is Mahley (I dont like her spelling tho - dont tell her that tho lol).
I quite like it - not sure which spelling I prefer though! Marlee looks more feminine I think, but I also like Marley. Not a fan of Mahli.
I like it too and think Bob is actually quite a cute nick name or Ziggy!

prefer spelling Mahli or Marlie
Marlee is a name on our list as well, really like it spelt Mahlie or Marlee. Are you having a middle name?

It's ok.

Love it!

Not a fan...just dont think its a human name
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