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I never actually thought you could do it until I came to this place. Did anyone just give their child a name they loved, just pure and simply thats the reason. Or was it picked to pieces by all before YOU could like it.
Names arent easy to pick and yes people spend years prior to having kids liking names not longer liking that name etc etc but WOW I swear some people must be on anti anxiety medication before during and after the naming process.

the only test my name choices have to pass is the bullying one - i want to make sure that i'm not handing my boys over to futures bullies on a silver platter... i want to make them work for their thrills and think for themselves LOL
I think the name game can be too "over-thought". Yes, you have to try and find a suitable namethat 'grows' from baby, child to adult. But in my opinion others have too much say in what we name our children.

I was put off 3 names when we were choosing a name for our DS2, purely because others didnt like it! So, I learnt my lesson, and kept the name we actually chose to ourselves until he was born.
Depends sometimes if you follow the crowd or step out alone and choose something more alternative or uncommon.
Posted by: Aunty*Anna*
Depends sometimes if you follow the crowd or step out alone and choose something more alternative or uncommon.

Step out alone??? many people are actually against popular names on this site alone. Seems like the 'crowd' to me...

And what happens ten years from now when your alternative name gets swept up in the just get lost in it too.

People have alot of reason other than following trends for giving them the more popular known names...maybe they do just like them, now theres alternative for you.

I heard something very true about names once 'Never think you have given your child a name no one else has, is different or alternative, because you can guarantee there are 10 more around the corner'

That's what the baby names section is for - to give your opinion on a name. Ofcourse it's going to look like names are getting "picked apart". Ask a forum with a few hundred thousands members and you are going to get quite a range of answers. What would be the point if every post said "Yes, that's beautiful."

However, I never asked for opinions on our DD's names, we chose them ourself, and told people what the name was going to be. Didn't ask for their opinion so therefore heard nothing negative they might have had to say about it! lol

I agree names are a very personal thing but that isn't a valid excuse to give your child a truly rediculous name, and don't ask for anyone's opinion unless you are prepared for some critism.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

I never asked for anyone's opinions on the names my husband and I had picked for our firstborn - we had a boy's name and a girl's name that we both loved and had chosen ourselves, so there was no point in giving anyone a chance to talk us out of it! We were happy with it.

With our second bub, we had a girl's name chosen (the same as our firstborn would have been if he was a girl) but there was no boy's name that really stood out to us. I came on here to look for ideas, because we just had nothing! It helped us out a lot, actually. I found another boy's name that we both loved. But again, once we'd chosen, we didn't say anything to anyone else, not even here!
I actually agree with this poster, alot of people on here seem to place too much stock in other people's opinions on a name. My partner and I had one girls name and one boys name that we both absolutely loved so that was it. (Believe me it was hard enough finding one name we both agreed on, let alone bringing other peoples opinions into it!. We didn't bring popularity into it either, we simply loved the name and decided to use it from the start. I agree with other posters as well who question why some people slam 'popular' names on this do they know that their 'unusual' name won't be common as muck in a couple of years? As more people hear of the name, and like it they decide to use it and so it goes on. That's life. Who cares if other people dislike your choice, if you love it then that's all that should matter smile

We had a lot of trouble picking names for our first bub. We just didn't have a whole list of names we loved, and spent a lot of time looking for inspiration.But when the name did hit us we were very happy. However, the naming process had been somewhat arduous and the debate had lasted well through the pregnancy, and we were lucky we had a girl because we had only settled on one girls name.

So this time we decided we weren't going to have the same debates as last time, and we asked our mother's group mums for inspiration. This was great, they suggested names we hadn't even considered, and even gave us names we could use in combination. And now we have compiled a short list of boys and girls names that we can use when our bub arrives, and we're completely at ease with the naming process. We aren't interested in what other people think of our names, we just needed inspiration, and we got that from our friends. And we really like the names that we have now.

I would never use a name that myself or my husband aren't sure about, no matter what other people think. And I wouldn't give my child a name based on its popularity. i also wouldn't not call my child something I liked because it had been criticised, unless there was a valid reason, such as it rhymes with our last name or gives my child bad initials. And if that's the case, I would want someone to point that out to me. I wouldn't want my kids to be bullied because of their name, there are plenty of other things kids will pick on without getting extra ammunition.

sara, ACT, Lucy 19/1/07, 2nd bub due 1/11/09

We didn't try to put to much into it, the name my hubby picked for a girl I wasn't real keen on but then the way he spelt it won me over, just like the spelling of it. Then friends of ours were naming their girl the same name so we had to think of another one, again a name i liked just different spelling. Just wanted pretty girlie name.

mummy of 2 girls

I never asked for anyone's opinions on the names my husband and I had picked for our firstborn

Thats exactly what we did with our DS.
Now when people hear his name, everyone has something too say (Oh thats an old fashioned name, blah blah, DS' name is Angus)
We didnt give 2 hoots what people thought, and when we have another bub, we wont be discussing names either..... When you are up the duff, you are already emotional times a bazillion, so i dont understand why you would ask people for their opinions, especially when it is up to YOU and your Partner/hubby etc. Who cares what other people think. Call your kid Inspector Gaget for all i care.........
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