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grrrrr... Lock Rss

in my first pregnancy i had a boys name picked out and a girls name picked out we had aiden james and hayley mariah for a girl. which we now have our beautiful 3 year old son aiden james. we stupidly picked mariah because it was the name mother in law wanted to call her last child but ended up calling her stephanie!! so DH said we will use it as a middle name if we have a girl.hmmmm thanks DH! so she goes on about it all the time to people " if they have a girl the middle name is going to be mariah!" *sigh* for baby number two we have connor james sinclair and keeley "insert middle name here" sinclair for a girl cos im not using mariah its ugly no offense!!! the other day i was discussing names with DH auntys and uncles and i said "ooo keeley rai sound nice doesn it babe"? then i get this glare from mother in law " youve already picked a middle name for the girl already excuse me." for f***s sake.any way its prob going to end up being keeley marie which is DH mothers name but if anyone has any suggestions or have been in this situation please tell!. bloody inlaws piss me off sometimes lol

oh dear poor you. i would just say that 3 years on you've changed your mind and not that keen on it, she will get over it. eventually.
tell her to go jump! lol...

Seriously, it is your baby, so you get to pick the name - it's as simple as that. I agree, just say that after such a long time, your names have changed, and you're not sure what names you are going to pick for this baby - then keep it a 'secret' til the baby is born... she will get over it!

edited because I cant type properly!! smile
[Edited on 12/05/2009]
thanks girls!

Bugger her!!

I would just keep all names to myself, and give her a lovely surprise when bub arrives. And if she can look at her grandchild and be annoyed she doesn't have a name she liked, then that is terribly sad.

Just go with what you and hubby love, stuff everyone else!!

You will regret it if you feel pushed into using a name you didnt want. Even if you like the name being pushed around by people like the ILs can lead to resentment.

Name YOUR child what you want. If MIL wants to name a child tell her to go have her own or get a dog.

Keeley is beautiful BTW. Use your name as a middle name, who can argue with that.
I agree it is your baby you should not worry about what she wants for name, just say that you changed your mind people do it all of the time smile
Or you could say that you in your opinion the names don't match well.
(I think that Keeley Rai sounds alot better then Keeley Mariah)

Prehaps it may be worth reminding her that she changed her mind about using Mariah so surely she can understand how people can change their minds about names. Then for her birthday buy her a cat, fish, dog etc and name it Mariah for her!

ha ha thanks girls!!! i wouldnt use my name for a middle name though keeley lois sounds wierd and i hate my name lol if we end up havin a girl we will jsut tell her the name and she will just have to build a bridge!!!!!!

omg!!!! Im pregnant with first now and I stupidly told my Aunty we would use her middle name as Babys middle name! omg she is telling EVERYONE and calling it her bulani (name-sake) and now has starting ringing me up asking how 'our-baby' is!!!!!!!!!!! Im not using her name anymore im using my middle name but i havent got the guts to tell her and she driving me insane!!!!!!!

Alexis Jayne 19.08.09

oh no now u know how i feel lol if i use mariah i am going to feel like its her baby sometimes i think it better if we just all keep our mouth closed around family lol

oh no now u know how i feel lol if i use mariah i am going to feel like its her baby sometimes i think it better if we just all keep our mouth closed around family lol

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