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I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!? Lock Rss

Anyone game to share the name of their own children?
I don't mean to make comments whether you like or dislike.
I know there was a thread a while ago about people not wanting to share their own kids names. I think I even said I wouldn't, but here goes:

My DS is Kieran.

Great idea for a thread! If only I could join in!lol

My son to be is Cormac Zane, if he's a girl we are back to the drawing board! We hopefully find out Saturday!
DD is Jennika Milly
and Feety will be either
Zayd Luca or
Nyaa ..............
Dh doesn't like my girl's middle name at the mo!
DD is Sarah, no idea what this one will be called.
DD #1 Taylah Jade
thinking Paige lily if this one is a girl,, but havent set anything in concrete yet,, its soo hard!
had kaden james for boy but not sure i want it now, and a friends sister used it too (which i dont mind, i could still use it)
loved aiden james til i realised aiden doesnt go with our last name grr hehe
DS1 is Sebastian Bradley
DS2 is Bailey John

Not expecting our third yet but I'm still thinking of names hehe. If either of our boys was a girl she'd have been called Madelyn. I have not gone so far as to make a list yet as we don't plan on expecting another one for a little while yet. Just keeping my eye out, because we didn't pick Bailey's name until the day before he was born, and that was stressful!
Cool! My son is Callum Bas William.

Not 100% sure yet but Baby-to-be will be either:

Isla Maria Kate or

Lachlan Chase Hamilton
[Edited on 25/05/2009]

DS is Bailey Jay
Still deciding on dd due on oct


DS is Mackai Dean.

Not too sure on a boys name for this one. If its a girl it will possibly be Willow Bridget.

I dont have a problem sharing at all my DS is Jamie Robert and my DD is Caitlyn Grace and this little man has no name yet it is proving to be a very contentious issue with both hubby and i not agreeing on any names at all so at this stage his name is jelly bean until we can agree.

I have a feeling he will be like our daughter and not be named until after he is born which is what happened to her she was born and we were left sitting there ohhhing and ahhing at her and hubby said what about Caitlyn and we loved it so i know it will come together in the end i just like to be organised thats all:)
My boys name is Cody!?
(kinda obvious from my username!)

Love Ruby~Gloom's boys names!
Think Cody would go well with Quinn, Riley & Dash! ;o)
(or Kasey or Brody!!?)

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