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Baby Boy Names....what are some of your favourites? Rss

what are some of your favourites?

These are my top 5

1. Tate
2. Payton
3. Noah
4. Taylor
5. Owen

StephanieGrace- Owen is a really cool choice smile]

My favourites, in no order would probably be.:

Cillian, Jasper, Malachy, Cassian, Cassius, Atticus, Finnian, Henry, Emile

I don't know smile My boys names are in shambles!

-Mother to Matilda [2005], Oliver & Iris [2008]

Still in shambles Sophie tongue hehe.

Hubby absolutely loved Noah, but this morning he decides he's heard it too much lately, he's gone right off it lol so there you go.

Theres hope I may win him over with Henry or Edward my favs yet smile

Also like Theodore, Rupert, Barnaby, Elliot & Oscar to name a few
I like Noah & Owen from your list.

By other faves at the moment are Jacob, Joshua, William (Will), Thomas, Max & Sam

LOl i think it funny you have named 2 names in your list that i have named my 2 Girls Taila {Taylor} & Payton.

boys names I like


My fave

- Oscar/Oskar
- Haddon
- Edward
- Owen/Owain
- Angus (obviously my DS' name)
My favs at the moment are:

Hunter - still like it even though it is a bit popular now

Torin - very similar to my DS1's name though

Xade - wanted this for DS2 but DH vetoed it sad

Malek - heard this on the radio about a month after DS2 was born, love it!!

Talon - also on the list for DS2, but got the "rat poison" comments, so didnt use it, although I still like it now regardless
I dont know what im having yet but i find girls names so much easier than boys so i have a huge list of girls names and not many boys names but the ones i like are



<a href=""><img src="">http://lb

Keep adding them ladies because DH and I are really stuck for a boys name LOL!

Faves so far are:


and of course Mackai - DS's name!

I would have to say my favorites are
Dylan Jack and Oliver Paul
Only cause they are my boys names and they are such cute little boys.
1. Lachlan smile
2. Sebastian (DD would have been called that if she was a boy)
3. Luka
4. Riley
5. Harrison

My son is Kai Hudson and my nephew is Taj Mason which i both love.

I also wanted to name my son Nash but couldnt win the partner over lol.
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