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Indiah.... Lock Rss

Hi again. A name I keep coming back to is Indiah. I love it, but something holds me back.
Is it to weird?
Afterall it is a country.
I adore Indie on a little girl, BUT how will Indie/ Indiah suit an adult?
We went super conservative with our DD, Ella Josephine. Would they sound funny together, so different.
What are your thoughts please, love to hear them.

I like the name but I don't like the added H at all, sorry.

I agree with possums I do not like the H at the end. I like the shortening of the name, however do not think it fits well with ur other chns names. Sorry!

I agree with both pp - Love the name, dont like the H on the end, and it is a very different "style" of name to your DD Ella...

I Like India also Indira, think its very nice with Ella & India smile
I prefer India to Indiah too although it's not really my style. I think Indie as a nn is so cute! It might not be 'matching' to Ella but still a very pretty name IMO smile
[Edited on 02/07/2009]
I love the name Indiah and LOVE the H it makes it less like a country, my hubby and i were watching neighbours last night and they named there baby India and at the exact same time my hubby and i said thats a georgeous name!!!


Thanks girls. Don't say sorry, I'm asking for honest opinions, of which you have given me, I appreciate it.

Interesting with the spelling, I prefer with the "H". as I agree, it looks more like a name than a country.

Simby= yes I too was watching Neighbours!! Thats what brought the name back up to me. We had spoken about it before, and both loved it, but I don't know if I'm gaim enough to go there, it is so different.

Naturally you want people to like your name choice, and not say " they named her what??".

As for middle names.......

I quite like the name, but I dont like the H on the end at all, sorry. I also like the names Indira and Indigo smile
Thanks. So, how would everyone spell it??
Opinions appreciated.

If you are worried about it looking more like a name I think the spelling Indya is nice!!
I like just Indie!!
My lil niece's name is Indie!
I think Ella & Indie sound gorgeous together!
& Indie makes it sound nothing like the country!?
(so u wont have to worry bout the spelling..
unless u want an Indy/Indi instead??)
Sorry i'm no help at all! ;o)
Good luck choosing!

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