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What do you think of Rss

Luxe for a girl?

Sorry I dont like it, it reminds me of Lux the soap brand
I thought "soap" too.

I thought of soap as well!

Vacuum Cleaner first thought here.
Don't like it sorry! sad
Well bugger, looks like dh was right then lol. I really liked this name for our dd but he wouldn't agree, shh don't tell him I said that though lol.

Yep, sorry, I also think of soap. I don't think it's a bad name, but the association would be a bit too strong for me to take seriously, I think. I also think of Lux Lisbon from the Virgin Suicides novel and film (played by Kirsten Dunst)

-Mother to Matilda [2005], Oliver & Iris [2008]

am I the only one who thought of Lex Luther? LOL

i agree with the hubby on this one I'm afraid.
yep, i'm another vote for a bar of soap! sorry!!!
Lux soap
Luxe Sux

Yep, I'm with your hubby on this one too, sorry.

I'm another no sorry

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