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Spelling of Charlie, for a girl. Lock Rss

Hi. How would you spell Charlie for a GIRL?


Any other suggestions???

I like Charlee the best smile I cant think of any other ways to spell it.
I prefer Charlotte
1st choice Charley
2nd choice Charlee for girl spellings:)
Cute name, we like it for a boy too

Our beautiful boy arrived 16/12/09

I've known a Charleigh
[Edited on 19/07/2009]

Charli is my fave

you could also use Charlea
my niece's name is Charli, so i know that way but i do like Charlee or Charlea

Hi, I definately prefer Charlee but obviously I am a little biased!

I have also known it to be spelt Charly too.
I like Charli!!
Plus every lil girl needs an 'i' in her name to draw a love heart on top of!! ;o)
A friend of mine just had a Charli Indiana!
Good luck choosing!

i like it spelt CHARLI its makes it look more girly

Mummy to a dd born the 29/02/2008
Ds born 26/08/2010
Baby Girl due 16/10/2012

Charlie for me smile
DD1 is Charlotte and we call her Charlie for short, obviously spelt like that.LOL.
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