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What to do????? Lock Rss

hi everyone,

well, i have a BIG dilemma.

i am due to have a baby in feb 2005 and hubby and i have decided on a girls name no problems. the boys name however is causing a few problems.

he has his heart absolutely SET on calling our son Cougar.............i like it.............but i worry about whether or not he will cop alot of flack from it thru out his life and for this reason i dont want to use this name. hubby, however wont BUDGE and i dont know what to do (other than pray the baby is a girl).

does anyone have any suggestions, or has been in a similar situation to me? i appreciate any feedback that can be offered, only i ask that u please be nice in your answers as i can be a little sensitive with all these raging pregnancy hormones. i know you all understand that.

thanks guys

Kristi 5 kids.

This is a really tricky one. You poor thing - a baby's name is such an important thing. I am fortunate enough to have a husband who was very adament about what he didn't like, but didn't really have a lot of suggestions! So when he was in shock after the deliveries, I would name the babies!! (Not quite true). We have fairly ordinary names for our kids as we were worried about the whole teasing thing, too. We tested our names out on our friend's young children to see what nicknames they could possibly come up with and we've managed to pick pretty trouble-free names. But remember, if it's not the name, children will still find something to tease about! I must agree that the name Cougar, while being pretty utting edge, isn't the most flattering name for a potential lawyer or dentist. Maybe point this out to your husband. Also, does it fit in with your other kid's names? If your other kids have really out-there names -no worries- but if not, he may feel a bit weird. I think most of all that if you are embarassed to tell people your beautiful new baby's name, then it's a real problem. You have to live with it forever, and more importantly, so does your baby. Maybe use it for a middle name and compromise. All the very best for your decision.

P.S My husband was not happy with our third child's name, Ethan, until he won the series of 'Survivor' the week before he was born. So that's what we called him. Thank goodness Silas didn't win!! Men!!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

hi there,

thanks for your reply.

my other children are named Ebonee, Lucca (boy) and Sapphire.

i remember worrying about calling Lucca, as it was also an unusual name, but , its not so uncommon now and at least at the time, there was that spunky dr off ER who at least had the same name. but with Cougar, so many people have demonstrated their dislike for the name that i am really worried now. maybe i should have the kept the name "hush" like i did with Lucca and then i wouldnt have this problem. but, i didnt and now peoples comments really play on my mind.

Kristi 5 kids.

Hi Kristi

My sister had the same problem as you. If it was a boy, dad named it & she'd name the girl. She had a boy. Dad called him Bud Junior. All the family turned up their noses to it when Bud was born. He is now 7 & at school. He doesn't get teased & he looks like a ''Bud''. He has a unique personality just like his name.
It's so hard to pick a name. I'm having a girl in Nov 04. No names appealed to me at all. I decided on Shaynae which means beautiful one from the fairy palace. I have no idea how i should spell it.
They have their names for life so we don't want them to be embarrased in the future.
I like the name Cougar. If you are so unsure about it use it as a middle name. Hopefully you have a girl so you don't have to worry. Good luck. I hope you and your husband reach a decision.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

iam not sure if i like it or not but iknow that my hubby would hate it.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I am not sure that Cougar would be a name I would choose, but I can understand your situation.
Maybe you could suggest names that are similar, like Cooper. I know a few boys with that name, or Connor or Callum etc. If your husband is so adament about having them maybe use it as a middle name.

If we have a boy this time, my husband really wants the name elton, so I have already told him that it will be his middle name if we have a boy and he is happy with that.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and the naming situation.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

That is a tough one. I like unusal names myself but my Partner not as much.
I agree with other to suggest it as a middle name.
So far my kids are simple Joshua Stephen, and Alexander James. WE have a few names picked out for this one but nothing definete yet.

Good Luck with it all.

Kathy,VIC,Josh 8, Alex 7, Michael 1

i like it its a strong name. if youre not to sure chuck it in as a middle name.

but it is your choice it really dont matter what we say think or believe you and your partner have to live with it and if your not happy about it... you need to do something before its to late.

it is a very different name and i think it sounds great. a friend of mine not long ago (about a month i guess) called her son Rio.. so.. anything is possible

good luck.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

honey do i know how you feel!!!!!!!
i am due to have bubs in june 05 so a long way to go.
when finding out i was pregnant all i wanted was a little boy, but after finding out my partner wants to name the baby after himself i almost died.
and now although i have prayed for a boy i tend to hope now for a girl.
if you are able to swindle your partner PLEASE let me know how you did it.
although my reply was not much help just thought i would let you know YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE.
Don't worry about what other people think! You said YOU liked the name so there is no problem. All kids get teased about something and if the worst thing they can come up with is his name, he is pretty lucky. Besides you don't know how trends are going to go, Brad and Jen could call their first son Cougar and it could end up being a really popular name.

Natasha,toddler and newbie

everytime i hear that name first thing comes to mind...that add on telly, 2coguars plis.........LOL!!

melb,vic....2yr old boy

Hi Kristi

I had the same problem with my partner he had some weird and silly names that he really wanted to name our child.

but fortunaly for the internet I found a web site (Im sorry cant remember what it was called) and place in some suggestions and other names similar came up and we eventually agreed on them.

I found the website by going on to the google search engine and typing in baby names. I talso gave the meanings of thousands of name.

Hope this helps let me know:)

Storm 21/04/04,Blade 21/09/05 + one on the way

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