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Children writing their names.... Lock Rss

I agree with this, I'm not sure about the other states but in Qld at prep interview they ask the child to write their name. I do feel for the little islander children with 10 letters in their name and their own siblings cannot write it.

I gave my daughter Ava two letters to learn a 'A' and 'V'
and she can spell it backwards. hehehehe
All kids will learn their names eventually, I think the teachers must get angry though spelling 15 types of Riley/Reeiley each day.

They will learn it in their own time. We are having a bit of trouble with 'K' but apparently lots of kids have trouble with it. Kaili has been able to recognise her name from a very young age and can also spell it. Just writing the 'K' is a bit hard. She can recognise/write Macey well , also mum, dad, nanna, etc. It's all just a matter of time. At kindy here every time they are dropped off, the kids are asked to find their name, write their name next to it and then write who will be picking them up. It's a good way of teaching them.

They will learn it just as easily regardless of spelling or length.
When I worked in child care, kids learning to write their names learn to spot the mistakes if you make one. For example, The Sienna/Siena scenario earlier mentioned, "what is your name?" Child "Sienna with one 'n'". It's really no big deal to them to say that.

My first name's Victoria, it's amazing how many people can get the spelling of that wrong LMAO, or sometimes write Veronica or Virginia. I've never had a problem spelling/writing it when I was learning.

So nope, it's definitely not something I consider when naming my children. How on earth do the Irish cope with all of those gaelic names? LOL j/k

I didn't consider it when naming my children, but it was something that crossed my mind when my DD learnt to write her name a few weeks back.

I guess at the end of the day they will learn it eventually, but its only natural that a shorter name with easier spelling would be easier for them to learn.

I think there is a member on here with a little boy called Tighlagh (Tyler).... only natural that a child would take longer to spell Tighlagh than Tyler, but in the end they will get there anyway so I suppose it doesn't really matter.

Posted by: Neetsy
hey all

I am an early childhood teacher and what children find most difficult when learning to write their name is the correct letter formations.

Many parents make the mistake of teaching their child to write their name in all capitals - as far as teaching is concerned this is one of the hardest things to correct, plus the child's name automatically looks different when we write it in lower case print, therefore confusing the child.

Check with your state/school as to what "print style" they use and teach your child using that!

Neets x

This is a really good point! My godmother works in a school as an aide and she sees A LOT of kids that are really struggling with spelling because they have been taught to write in capitals.

As for long names being hard, it wasn't somehting we ever considered. When I was 7 I went from having a single surname of 6 letters to a two word surname of 11 letters (my full name is 21 letters) and it only took a couple of lessons to learn it, I think it's more repetition than anything. The most annoying thing is having to constantly spell my name out to everyone, very frustrating!
DD's kindy sent home a note when she first started saying that you should teach kids their name with a capital for the first letter and then lower case.

I thought at the time, "Isn't that common sense?" I guess not. DD does her's with a capital E and then the rest in lower case.

Gosh, I could write a whole essay on this topic !

I am a school teacher in NSW and I recommend:

1) you teach your child to write his/her name with a capital at the beginning then lower case for the other letters.

2) You teach your child to match the lower case letters of his/her name with upper case letters. Even teach them on the computer.
In Kinder ( first year of school) students have to learn to log on to computers typing their entire name. Some poor kids barely get to log on and the lesson is over b/c they can't recognise the letters.

3) I have a double barrel surname (14 letters). We gave DS just one surname (5 letters) because I remember trying to teach a 7 year old how to write his entire name-21 letters. Poor boy took forever to log on to the computers too !

OK essay complete smile

Children are not very good at study at the beginning but you can make them with the help of some advice from that only works with them also can create a history of educations that is very necessary to them
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