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What do you prefer Lock Rss

Bridget Florence
Bridget Helen

both middle names are grandparents,

i was also thinking maybe

Bridget Dorothy
not sure.. what do you think?

Im not a fan of any of the names, they are a bit to old fashioned for me but I think Bridget Dorothy would be my pick!!

I prefer Bridget Florence.

I have a sister Dorothy (first name)and she hasnt really liked it her whole life, so i would recommend not using that as a first name!

I like the sound of Bridget Helen.
Good luck
Hey there... I think Bridget Florence sounds lovely...
good luck.
Bridget Helen flows better smile but Florence is pretty too.
I love the name Bridget. We named one of our twin girls Bridget and we sometimes call her Bridie for short. I like Bridget Helen.
I like Bridget Dorothy the best

Good Luck
Bridget Helen

could you turn Helen into Helene or Helena? I think they flow a bit better.

I think Bridget Helen
I love the name Bridget. MY DD was so very nearly called that but I changed at the last momement. I really like Bridget Florence however Florence was also my Grandmother's name so that is probably why I like it.

Best wishes and good luck with your decision smile

bridget helen is my pick too. I do like the idea of helene
[Edited on 25/08/2009]

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