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Your kids names Lock Rss

yes i know this has been done before, but df and i are having a really hard time picking names this time around, we cant agree on anything... especially boys names!! We like Mia for a girl but have a friend with a daughter called mia, so we gotta keep thinking!!

So, what r ur kids names??

Will be back in later to check this thread!!!
What about Myah (pronounced My-a) similar to mia. I heard it the other day and thought it was pretty.
DS1 is Brayden Patrick and DS2 is Austin Drake.

If DS2 was going to be a girl it would have been Addison Capri.

If you like Mia then use it. Could you hyphenate it at all?

Its so hard choosing names!! DF said to me when driving to the hospital when in labor with DS2. Are you sure about Addison for a girl! I was like WTF!! we agreed on this weeks ago and now your having second thoughts LOL.... but turned out it was a boy anyway smile
Tyler Malakai and Tegan Olivia Anne
Noah William and India Elizabeth

DHs cousin named their daughter Mia with the middle name Lily, very cute

mahalia-anne and jemma-lee
We have Isabelle Betty Joan (Betty and Joan were my grandma's names)
and we have Torben William Frederick (William and Frederick were DH's grandpa's names).
DD1 is Laurana Jane
DS is Tanin James
DD2 is Inara Jade Rose

i love mia very cute my boys r

Kaleb Noah & Rhylee Cooper

DD is Deena Jade

we have Corban Robert (same middle name as DP) and Tyler Charles (middle name was DPs great grandads name) picked for the 2 im carrying smile
Noah Michael Julian-his middle names are after his dad and my pop.

If he was a girl we had Zarley Chloe-Joy picked out.
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