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Your kids names Lock Rss

Posted by: *mummy*to*ashlee*
Frankie, Emma Ashleigh hey? i like it LOL

I have Ashlee Jane
My name is Emma Jane

If Ashlee was a boy, she would have been Seth, Ryan,Cohen or Cale

and yes i realise that 3 out of 4 of the boys names are references to the O.C - it was purely coincidental LOL
[Edited on 27/08/2009]

We are thinking of calling this one Emma and I had a preggie brain moment the other day and said "how about Emma Ashley?" forgetting Ashley is DD's middle name.
We have -
William Hunter
Meaghan Eloise Kate
Mary Agnes Mackellar and
Henry Paterson Flinders

1st and middle names
my boys:Brad Richard ; Blake John; Ryan Mika

nephews: Will Xavier; Kyle Stephen
nieces: Rachel Mary;Morgan Anne;Madison Hannah ; Alexandra Bronwyn;Amy Annabelle

good luck with choosing!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

We have two DSs.

DS1 Brayden Philip
DS2 Corey Benjamin

We are expecting a DD in Dec and DH and I have had a few issues deciding. We had decided but then I started having doubts and we've been going back and forth for the last fortnight.

We are tossing up between:

Olivia, Ariana & Zoe.

Good luck!

[Edited on 12/09/2009]
DSD - Jamie-Ellen (no middle name but she's taken to using her name without the hyphen so Ellen would be the middle name)

DD1 - Courtney-Lee Margaret (she hates the Lee so uses it as an extra middle name LOL)

DD2 - Lauren Ashleigh Rose
DS1 - Benjamin Curtis Brock
DS2 - Kaleb John Kevin

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

I have Kathleen Kyah (Kathleen family name, but she is called Kyah) and a Quinn John (John being DH's name, original huh??). If DD had been a boy she would have been Nathan John and DS had been a girl he would have been Samara Dawn.

Posted by: .clare.
DS1 Cruze Kristopher
DS2 Xavier Joseph
I like Miley for a girl so cute heheheh!

I loved Xavier!! but DH didn't sad
We have Victoria Elizabeth (Elizabeth is my name, bit of a tradition to use the mothers name for the 1st daughters middle name)
And also Matilda Kay ( Kay is my hubbys mums name who has passed away)

DD is Crystal Rayne

It was that or Amber Lee

hi good luck choosing a name adn congratz on the pregnancy i have two children

Mason Michael
Talissa Jade ( pronounced T-alissa it shouldnt sound anything like ta- lisa when pronounced)

just want to add i love the name levi and for girl i love layla an kaliesha my friend used those names

DD is Ebony Jade

DS is Jacob Scott

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