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Your kids names Lock Rss

My 4 are:

Tayla Jane

Monique Megan

Lachlan Kees

Matilda Joy

we have

ebony grace
jorja maie
darcy thomas

we also left hanging no longer to be used

DD - Aliyah Kate
DS - Jaeden (alternate spelling to Jayden), not sure of middle name. Thinking Kade, Kye, Noah ???

I love Kai as a middle name, but sister in law just had a Jasper Kai sad

Alyssa Jasmine
Kaitlyn Marie

They never had spare names to hard to choose the names they have though Marie is my nans name who passed away a week after we found out Kaitys sex smile

Posted by: CaTieKinz
DD is Crystal Rayne

It was that or Amber Lee

Uncanny my niece was going to be Crystal Rose but when she was born they changed to Amber Jane smile
I have dd Taylah Brooke.

Future names we have picked are:

Rylee or Aurora for a girl

Nathan Jack for a boy
Caleb Latham Joshua
Amos Philip James
Elisha Nathaniel
David Thomas
Peter Jacob
Malachi Benjamin

I have Toby Elliott and Tara Callie. If they were the opposite sex they would have been Alyssa Jean and Zack Peter
My 4 are:

Cameron Francis (Francis was my dad)
Lachlan James (James my paternal Grandfather's middle name)
Alexander George (George DH's Poppy's name)
Gabriella Margaret Georgia (Margaret after MIL, Georgia a modified version of my mum's name(Georgina))

#5 has names chosen, but wont be revealing until he or she pops out in January.
DS is Alexander James. Had he been a girl he would have been Caitlin Rose.

(backups were: Jacob Douglas/Charlotte Jessica)
Our first sons name is Jed Ruger. I just love the name Ruger, but hubby wouldn't let me have it for first name. We also have a little girl called Teika Maree.

I also have 8 neices and nephews with kinda different names so here goes:-

Jayde Corrine
Koden Ross
Blade Brody
Chevon Stephanie
Zarhlia Angel
Maverick James
Raiyne Dekota
Talon Pheonix (Girl)
we have Sophia Elizabeth

dont have a name picked yet for this one

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