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Your kids names Lock Rss


My DS is Logan Stanley (Stanley was my dad)
DD Shae Olivia

Good luck

ds is kobee james
the other names on the list were
jonah matthew
aleighya jayde
sarsha lilly

dd is keeley jean
the other names on the list
marli jayde
jayden alan
joshua kasey

we have...

DS Jasper Thomas

DD Niamh Louise (pron. Neev its Irish and means brightness; radiance

Names are picked for #3 but you'll have to wait till March 2010 for that lol

We have
Robbie Ty - is actually Robert, but it is a family thing & at the moment there is Robbie, Robert (DH), Rob (grandad) & Bob (great grandad) alive, so he has the kid version.
Maia Molly (pronounced as in the month May-A)

i love Summah & Montannah, but DH just couldnt quite love them. LOL
It a huge decision choosing our kids names and thank goodness we all like different names other wise we would have kids with all the same names. How confusing would that be for the teachers!!LOL
My kids are DD Kira Grace
DS Evan Richard
DS Campbell Leland (pronounced Lee-lend)
DD Charlize Brielle (There seems to be a few of these on this thread). She would have been Declan James if a boy.
Good luck and keeps us updated.
By the way I really like Mia too, it is sweet!
Hi there,

We have

DS - Bailey Jake
DSD - Tyla Kenedy
DSD - Mieke Travys (pronounced mika)
DD - Harper Jean

hey.. i have Amelia Anne and Archie David (middle names family ones).. and if Archie was a girl would have been Poppy Elsie..
good luck
DS is Chase Michael C..

Also had Braylen Charles picked out

DD1 is Arabella Rose
DD2 is Takarli Rose

There's a little girl in DD2's room at daycare called Ella-Mia, I didn't like it at first but now I think it's really pretty.

We had Mason Alexander picked out for DD1 if she was a boy.

Elijah James!!
DS is Cohen Grant
DD is Sienna Grace

Other names we had picked out for them both were:
Finlae Kate
Zara Maddison
Luka Chase
Jase Flynn

Good luck xx

DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

DS is Micah Samuel
When we have #2 if it's a boy - Jasper Ryan, if it's a girl - Sienna Faith

Our neices & nephews are;
Isla (pronounced eye-la) Jordynn
Judson Noah
Zeth Declan
Braydon Cooper
Angelina Joy

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