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Your kids names Lock Rss

DD1 Lexi Scarlett
DD2 Tabitha Edie

if they had have been boys they would have been Declan Oswald and Zane Tobias.
DS - Bailey Jay
DD - Jessica (not sure of middle name yet)


my little boys name is Carter James.
wow im surprised just how many people replied to this.. thankyou all...

Our DD is Kayla Louise (louise is my middle name) we never really had a boys name picked out for her and we didnt find out the sex either...

i like the name Rhylie for a boy but DF hates it.. he likes Trey or Chad but i hate those!! lol... and middle name will be Dave or David... (DF's name - if he had it his way a little boy would be called Dave so we're compromising with middle name!!)

As for girls, as i said we both like Mia, so thats 1 possible name, i also like Sophie but DF doesnt..

Who would've though picking names could be so darn hard... lol..

I'll have to show DF this thread and see if we can come u with some ideas!.. Thankyou all for ur replies smile
Taila Leighton & Payton Caprice {2 girls}
and due in November if Boy Jack Benjamin and
Girl Emmerson Daytona

Good Luck
My DS is Jaden Connor. He was going to be Charlotte Mackenzie if he was a girl.

Good luck deciding!

Emily Christabel
Sophie Alice
Jennifer Elspeth
Stephanie Esma

I have

DD1 Samantha Jane
DS1 Riley Stephen
DS2 Brodie Micheal

With having twins it was really hard to come up with four names that we both like we searched all the baby name web sites and went thru so many names. It's a hard decision as something they will have for the rest of their life.

Good Luck

My cousins names are
Adali Ivan
Emerson Lee
Cambelle Amelia

I love their names!

DS name is


Good luck with choosing a name smile

we chose for
DS Charlie James and for
DD due September Jessica Emily

Other names we thought about were Samantha, Tiffany or Chelsea for girls and Connor, Cooper, Jack, Benjamin, Samuel or Nicholas for boys

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my DD name is Kiah Tarni.... if she was a boy she would have been jarrah, hunter, jackson, or harrison with the middle name andrew.

kiah tarni 05/07/07

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