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Your kids names Lock Rss

I love these threads! Good luck in choosing, I am also finding it hard to decide on names (especially boys!).

My DS is Callum Bas William

Chase Evan Lewis or
Isla Maria Kate
are our fave names picked out for the next baby(among many others!!!!)

Baxter Aaron
- We got Baxter from the credits in the muppets. We had so much trouble agreeing on any name. And Aaron is from a late cousin that both my partner and I hold dearly in our hearts.

If Bax had've been a girl it would have been - Ruby Rose
- Since having Bax though, I see the name Ruby pop up everywhere, and then there's "MTV's Ruby Rose". So I am SO happy that I had my little man! And think if I do have a girl I may opt for Tatum.
I have Blake John

A future boy I would like to be William Francis and Isabella Grace for a girl
I have:

DS (19 years) - Brett Robert James

DD (8 months) - Joeli Ruth

I've got 26 nieces and nephews but a couple of names there I like are:

Ally Marie
Seren Rebekah

Good luck choosing, it's just so difficult!!

My DS is Harrison Michael - if he was a girl he would have been Alyssa.
My kids names are:
Ryley Louise
Lucinda Anne
Anthea Marie

If we had boys are names would of been either Hayden or Alec.

DD is Cassiopeia Ann.

We were also considering Gabriella Mia and Bethany (hadn't worked out a middle name) for girls and Zachary Phillip for a boy.

Hi mine are all quite traditional names they are
Owen Charlie
Lily-Grace India
Katie Jasmine


My DD is Bella Kim

We also really love Lili, Indi & Chiara for girls, and Ky & Bohdi for boys...

Good luck smile

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

DS1 Jaxson Xavier
DS2 Loghan Raiden
Picking childrens names is so difficult.

DD1 is Gabrielle Amy - I did have Phoebe Mae picked out but she didnt look like a Phoebe and if she had been a boy would have been Toby Ian (middle name after my uncle)

DD2 is Olivia Jade - We didnt really have a name picked until the a day or two after she was born DP like Penelope and I liked Hannah though. if she had been a boy we thought Toby Leonard (middle name after my dad)

SS is Daniel Brock (DP saved him being called Daniel Nathaniel and Brock after Peter Brock DP favorite race car driver)

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My lil boy is Saxon cooper
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