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Your kids names Lock Rss

Alicia and Eloise

Alternate names for both were Christian Alexander or Ethan Alexander.


My girls name is Merinda Lee, I had Merinda chosen for some time, but no middle name, and when in hospital they asked me what her name was I said Merinda Lee (Lee being my middle name) I gave her my middle name and think that the gas might have had a big part in my choosing that name LOL.

Mia is a gorgeous name! just do a slight variation on spelling..


there are probably more you could use! smile
And my baby girls name is tamsin smile
i found it really hard with my first to pick a name it was so daunting cause i thought i have to choose a name for a person they r gonna have for their whole life so i know it is not easy having said that i have had to do it 5 times now.
also all my kids have a family name for their middle name.

ds1 - brendan james
dd1 - madison ann
ds2 - aidan cooper
dd2 - isabella rose
dd3 - gracie may

also my name is simone pamela and my dh is daniel robert

for me i choose not only by the way the names sound together but also a big thing for me is what they look like written down. i know other people have given u some really nice names but hope these help and good luck choosing
Mines Noah Rhiley and Kalara Ann-Maree, other names i have picked out Bryson Edward and Ruby Louise.

My sons name is Nathan Bailey & my daughters name is Jessica Elizabeth. Other names we had in mind were....
Owen, Nathaniel, Robert, James, Sebastian.
Gemma, Ruby, Audrey, Avelyn, Kady, Layla.

Good luck with choosing a is soooo hard but I found when bub came along a name just fit & I couldn't get it out of my head LOL


My two year old is called Ava. For this baby- who we think is a girl we liked Mia but it is so overused so DH choose Mila.

Goodluck with the name choosing LOL, our names are

Elijah Samuel
Annabel Grace
Imogen Rose

We are now trying to decide on names for number 4 with no luck for either boy or girl!! I am reading with avid interest smile
Goodluck XXX


Good luck with is so hard! I am currently trying to choose a name for our DD!
Our DS is Lachlan Geoffrey (Geoffrey is DF dads name) our DD will have Jean as a middle name, it's been passed down for many, many generations in my family. It doesn't match our surname though so we need 2 middle names.

My neices and nephews are
Jacob Bradley
Rhys Tyler
Chloe Isabella
Glenn Shannon (Glenn after her dad that died before she was born...she gets called Shannie)
Kayla Rose
Lilliana May
Grace Renee

Hi I have Zander Patrick
Jensen Bradley and in about 13 weeks time I will have Gianna May.

Cara, NSW, Zander 06/01/05 and Jensen 30/06/07


I have Cairo James Phillip and if he was a girl he would have been Bakari Maddisyn and for this one we have already picked smile Alexys Jane for a girl or Brooklyn Jay for a boy

As my sig says my little girl is Rachel Elise.

If she were a boy she would have been Samuel Peter.

My niece is Layla Skye - thats a nice name. I also have some of my cousins names

Georgia Clare
Anna Mollie
Clinton Francis
Jessica Kate
Hayleigh Louise
Matthew Alan
Alexander Mark
Keeley Shaye
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