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Your kids names Lock Rss

my boys are Nathaniel Graham & Lincoln Thomas im probably opting for Bridget Victoria Or Isaac Henry this time round but will wait & see whether i change my mind smile

all middle names i use are family names..
My little girls name is Isabelle Amy

If this baby is a boy it will be Lachlan...something
If it is a girl it will be Alba Kate

DS1 is Peter Robert (Hannah Glenys if a girl)
DS2 is George Harry (Eve Glenys if a girl)

We are awaiting the arrival of #3 in about 13wks and are still struggling with names! I will be reading with interest!

Good luck
Hi i have a

Zakaury James and
Linkon Kenneth

with this bub which is also a boy we r thinking about

Caleb William
DS is Joshua Craig (was going to be Jayde Elizabeth if a girl)

This one is Maddison Taylor

So difficult these days!


DS - 08/01/06 girl due 20/02/10

I have:-

DD - Arliyah Skye (was to be Seth Paciden or Ethan Jarrett if a boy)

This baby will be
(if boy) - Zavier Marlo
(if girl) - Lakaya Marni
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