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Jessica...who? Middle name suggestions Rss

Hubby and I r planning to have another bub next year...not working on it I'm thinking of names real early I know. LOL, but it'll probably take awhile for us to finally agree on one. Middle names r the only names we choose together.

We already have boys names picked. But cant agree with anything for a middle name for a girl.
Her name (if we have a girl) will be Jessica...I was hoping Jessica Rose, but hubby hates that.

Any middle name suggestions? I'm fresh out of ideas.
I have to agree with your DH sorry, there is something about Jessica Rose that is a little "bland". My cousin is Jessica Kate, I like the sound of that.
What about
Jessica Louise
Jessica Belle
Jessica Olive
Jessica Lee
Sorry I am not very good at this.

Good luck
What about a family middle name?

Jessica Alexis
Jessica Daisy
Jessica Ruby
Jessica Lotte
Jessica Marilyn
Jessica Aurelie
Jessica Mirella
Jessica Kendall
Jessica Romilly
Jessica Sylvie
Jessica Bridget
Jessica Joelle
Jessica Adele
Jessica Jane
Jessica Caroline
Jessica Harriet
Jessica Lillian
Jessica Opal
Jessica Madeleine
Jessica Iris
Jessica Annabel

We also like the name jessica if this bub is a girl and are thinking:

Jessica Lily
Jessica Violet (my fave)
Jessica Mathilde
Jessica Ivy
Jessica Audrey

Good luck!

Thanks for all the suggestions.
We used family names for the middlenames of our other two children, and i'd like to do it again, Aunty Anna, but theres only one choice in hubby's eyes.
The some other names left are,
Lee (hubby won't have because its his ex's name)
Lillian ( which I love and hubby hates)
Minavera (not sure on spelling)
Hubby doesn't like any of the above.... but the one he does like is Hannah.

I've chosen Jessica for a name, because Jesse Jackson was the first descendant of my mums family tree to come to Australia 100+ years ago. He and he's siblings were abandoned by his mother so she could remarry, so his grandparnets raised him, til he was married and brought his wife and baby (born on the trip) to Australia. The name to me symbolises strength of spirit, to overcome any hardship. Sorry for the long story...I love history, and Jesse's life story reads like a good book.

OK now my reason for not wanting Hannah is because that was Jesse's mother's name, also his sister's and his grandmother's who raised him. But he refused to carry on the name because of his mother (who he detested)and none of his direct descendants have since. I'm afraid its disrespectful to his memory to call our future daughter(if we have one) Jessica Hannah. Yes I know he's long dead and will never know, but theres just an uneasy feeling to it.


She'll be called Jessie, Jessica will just be her formal name. So more middle names ideas would be great...
I see the dilema, have you used your first or middle names for your older children? could you use one of those?
We are naming our little girl Jessica and have had a hard time deciding on a middle name to suit.

These are some we considered:

Jessica Lily
Jessica Grace
Jessica Jane
Jessica Marie
Jessica Rose (it is pretty..although Rose is way too common now)

We will be using either Jessica Bree or Jessica Brielle (if i can convince df!)


Jessica Holly
Jessica Kate
Jessica Paige
Thanks ladies, getting a few ideas, no doubt hubby will slash em off the list. Doubt we'll be using the Rabbit suggestion, LOL.
Keep giving me ideas....Thanks smile

My name is Jessica Elisse

But others could be

Jessica Harmony
Jessica Summer
Jessica Louise (or Ann-Louise)
Jessica Aurora
Jessica Faith
Jessica Lynn (or Lyn)
Jessica Amethyst
Jessica Marie
Jessica Munee (Pronounced Mun-Aye)
Jessica Skye
Jessica Anne
Jessica Ruth
Jessica Elizabeth
Jessica Dawn
Jessica Sapphire

Hope he likes some of those.

Good luck.

Jess. x
[Edited on 09/09/2009]
My fave so far is Jessica rabbit lol.

Seriously, I think anything short and sweet sounds great with Jessica. I would be looking at 1 syllable names for the middle.

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