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Help!! Over excited Nanna!!! Lock Rss

OMG I am only in my 6th week of pregnancy & my mother is driving me insane with what name to give this baby. She was the same in my last pregnancy & I have just realised how annoying it is. I don't care if she likes a name or not, so what if some girl who she went to school with who had spots was called it? who cares if it reminds her of a charachter on the tv? I am sick to the back teeth of family names? and if I get anymore names that are derived from hers I seriosuly think I will scream!!!
I do feel terrible as she lives in the Uk and misses out on everything, should I just let her get on with it and quietly ignore her?
Is anyone else having this trouble?
Any tips to get her to back off?
Isnt it annoying????
It sounds like you wont be able to put up with this for another 34 weeks. I would politely let her know that you have chosen a name and you will be keeping it a secret.
That should keep her somewhat quiet.
Thats pretty much what I told my family, hasnt stopped all of them though smile
Good luck
I would say that you arent going to tell anyone the names you have. If you start now she will get the hint.

You could also use some decoy names or just say you havent decided yet on anything, and would like to keep it a surprise. That way hopefully she wont be offended. It is an exciting time for her too.
I would like pp say you are keeping names a secret, it is you and your partners choice.
my MIL is the same - drove me bonkers so I just gave her bogus names that we'd never use and then in the end just tuned her out. She never stopped going on and on though but at least it made it bearable for me
Great advise girls, thanks. I will have to give them a try & see how I get on. If I fail miserably I could always screen her calls .... now thats my wicked hormones coming out lol! Wish me luch gasp)

Tell her your keeping the name a surprise until bubs is born. You can also say you are going to wait to see what they look like but also tell her if she wants she can compile a list of names for you that she likes and this will help you. The more suggestions easier it may be on you to find that perfect name. (it can get boring reading through an alphabetical list of names in a book)
Good idea to tell her you have already decided and want it to be a surprise/secret.
I'm 24 wks pregnant, and we don't know the sex. We have our girls name picked out and have decided not to tell our Mothers what it is because we don't want any unwanted negative feedback. Ages ago, before we were pregnant we said that we liked Felicity for a girl, and my Mother in Law said "Felicity! you can't call your child that!"
But we have decided that Felicity is girls name, and once the baby is named hopefully Mothers will keep their opinions to themselves. I'm hoping MY Mum likes Felicity!

Our beautiful boy arrived 16/12/09

bek81 - great idea about a list, it would be useful & gosh yes the books are a bore aren't they!?! I love vetting the credits at the end of movies for names lol

Ellie222 - We also love Felicity, it is in our top 5, though I think if its a girl we will go with Francesca ... I think ... knowing me I will change my mind over and over!! lol
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