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Im about 13 weeks pregnant and my DH has already started on me about baby names. We had the same argument with the last baby, he is obsessed with the name Archie. I dont like it. Its growing on me, but only because he keeps calling this baby Archie!! Im sorry if I offend anyone who has called their baby this, but I just dont know how to get him off my back. Is it as bad as I think it is or is the name kinda alright?
To be brutally honest I don't really care for it. Makes me think of the character Archie from the comic book series....
Archer would be a bit better I think!

I love the name!!!! I had this on my list when i was pregnant with DS. I am a sucker for traditional/funky names. I also had Oscar, Hamish and Archie on my list.
In the end we went with Angus, but i would love to have another boy so i can use either one of those names lol lol
I like Archer or Archibald, nickname Archie smile

lol.. i love the fact that everyone has different taste! How boring it would be if everyone liked the same names! I have an 11 week old Archie - he is a bit of a wee spunk, and i love the name.. it is in the top 20 in England - i like old English names so it worked for me!!!

good luck..
I like it! But if it's not for you then its not for you.

It reminds me of a character off a show I loved based in a castle in Scotland!

I really like it!

Personally i wouldn't have the name Archie, but i don't mind hearing it on other kids (what I mean is, it's not a name i hear and think - Yuck, just not my personal preference iykwim).
as a PP mentioned, Archer is a really nice name. i think i prefer that over Archie...

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

I love the name Archer, which could be shortened to Archie by hubby
i like Archer, not really keen on Archie at all
Yep- i agree with pp... maybe you could call him Archer and your hubby can nickname him Archie...??

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