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Sparrow James Midnight Madden Rss

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's son to go with daughter, Harlow Winter Kate Madden.
I am not one to bag names but as far as I am concerned it is probably one of the most out there names I have heard.
Maybe they are going for all kids names ending in 'ow'.
are you for real no offense but thats a bit much, im not one to bag names either but sparrow???? midnight????? i like different names but thats to much yeah got the "ow" happening

To tell you the truth, I dont mind the "midnight" as a second middle name... i mean- its the second middle name... as a grown up he'll never have to use it if he doesnt like it but if he does he can- no biggie.

NOT a fan of Sparrow tho... really really not a fan

It's become so frequent for Hollywood celebs to give their kids bizarre names because it's 'trendy' that it's just no longer a trend anymore! Sparrow.....poor kid. I was saying to friends today perhaps he hatched from an egg, and not from her womb...and seems as they're going with names ending in '-ow', maybe they should call the next one 'Scarecrow'. Lol.
[Edited on 10/09/2009]

Frig me, do they actually like this kid?
I actually don't mind Harlow but Sparrow? I don't think so.
I've said it before and I'll say it again -

She will know what it is like to get up at Sparrow fart very soon!

Not a name that I like - but not my child, so my opinion really doesn't matter
My only thought is that the poor kid is going to get the nickname 'Spaz'
Wow, Sparrow? Harlow is more masculine sounding that that! And Midnight? It's a baby, not a horse.

Does anyone else find it strange that Britney Spears is one of the few celebs that gave her kids a "normal" name???

3 Gorgeous Girls!

lol very different..... but I dont mind it. The only name that im unsure of is Sparrow but dont mind the rest....

maybe the next on will be Willow Summer or Willow Spring lol

yea was a little shocked when i heard the name, it gives the image he'll be weak and skinny. and doesnt go with Harlow (which i like) as they are too similar sounding.

there seems to be abit of a theme here... i like harlow but i aint feeling sparrow.. its just not rite
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