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  5. 1 days to go!! child has no name. PLEASE HELP!!

1 days to go!! child has no name. PLEASE HELP!! Lock Rss

Need help!!

We only have 1 days to go. DH and I are still finding it difficult to name our little girl.
Our first born DS is named Cooper Jack.
Please tell me your opinions or if you have any other suggestions of names for our little girl.



[Edited on 20/09/2009]
Go with Bronte Paige - thats my pick.

Good luck
I like Paige the best smile
Paige Natasha?

Bronte: I relly dont think this is a pretty name at all (sorry)
Paige: Like this as a middle name
Summer: Would be my first choice
Thalia: I like this, but is it a hard T or a th sound?
Tasha: a bit too much like a nickname
Ebony: not a fan

I would choose Summer Paige. GL with it all!
I have just edited my post to 3 days...

I now have only 3 days to go. I go in to hospital to have my DD by c-section this Monday coming and DH and I are still having difficulties deciding.

I have told him i have made a post on the huggies website and that we should let the members decide because we cant make up our mind.

The majority rulz, so here we go.... Its up to you all. its out of our hands now. lol

Thank you
Hey, good luck for monday!!! I think Paige is nice, but also quite like Bronte.. I think any of them will be nice though...
Out of your list, I like Bronte the best. It goes best with Cooper in my opinion smile

All the best. How exciting!

This is the order of how I like the names based on how they sound saying "Cooper & ":


Good luck!

I dont think u can go wrong as all your names are gorgeous but...

I love Summer the best & Bronte second best!

If ur choosing middle names out of ur list too then i'd choose ~

1. Summer Paige

2. Bronte Summer

3. Bronte Paige

4. Ebony Paige

Good luck choosing!

Firstly goodluck for monday!!

I love Summer Paige. Such a fresh sounding name.
Paige Ebony is beautiful.
Ebony Paige is just as gorgeous.

Dislike Bronte alot, not sure why, sorry.

But, I actually think, Cooper Jack and Ebony Paige suit best.

Cooper and Ebony!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your suggestions/support.
Some of the names/combinations I would not of thought of myself. I enjoy reading them.
Please keep them coming!!!!

I'll be showing my DH tonight and when i get home from hospital I will let you all know what we decided.

Thanks heaps.xx
Summer would be my pick of your names. I think its gorgeous! Maybe Summer Paige or Summer Ebony?

Good luck deciding and good luck for monday!!


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