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If you were to give bith to twins........ Lock Rss, what would you name them:

2 boys:

2 girls:

1 boy and 1 girl:


We are completely stuck with names and are just starting to write a list so we have something to go off later.
Do you think twins should have similar names or not eg, Emma and Ella??

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"


We would never agree on anything. LOL.

Both boys- samual and Thomas

Both girls- lilly and Cali

Boy/girl- Thomas and Lilly

cohen bump, what about middle names?

I think it is so much harder than naming 1 baby, we will have to choose 4 names! eek

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

My DD's kindy has 3 sets of identical twins.

Their names are

Ella & Lauren

Harry & Angus

Max & Luke

As for myself .. if i had to name twins i think it'd take me the full pregnancy lol come up with names that sound good together lol
honey, i think we will have the same problem. Either hubby or i will just have to agree and i dont plan on backing down ha ha
they may be nameless for quite some time. lol

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

mumm to 3, thanks for that!

and that is why we are starting a list now, because it will take us the whole pregnancy to agree on something

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

ok here goes

Michael edward
Jack david


Zoe natalie
Caitlin anne

one of each :

Michael edward
Zoe natalie


i personally dont like having twins (or any siblings) with names that sound alike or starting with the same letter

for our twins we have Corban Robert and Tyler Charles picked out. if 1 was a girl we had Anya May choosen.

we had corban and anya picked before we found out that we are having 2 boys and it took us a few weeks to pick tyler - its worked out that me and DP have picked 1 name each lol

good luck with choosing - its hard coming up with 4
Oooh it would be super hard!!!

If you're going to find out the sexes then I'd be inclined to wait until then and then decide on names. That's what we did with this bubby.

I'd probably steer clear of rhyming names but you want ones that sound nice together if that makes sense.

No idea what I'd call twins - it was hard enough coming up with one name lol.

Posted by: princessdora
cohen bump, what about middle names?

I think it is so much harder than naming 1 baby, we will have to choose 4 names! eek

very true! Lol

Thomas Eli
samual anthony

Lilly rose
Cali sue

We have struggled BOTH times naming our girls.
And have on agreed in labour or as they were born. LOL.

And then middle names for both took 2 weeks.

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