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If you were to give bith to twins........ Lock Rss

Have you Got any names picked at all?

Are you close with your families? Could you use family names as middle names? That might take a bit of pressure off.

If I had to name twins now they would be (middle names would be family names):

2 x boys
Tobin and Jett

2 x girls
Willow and Nyla

1 of each
Tobin and Willow

One name is hard enough to agree on - I cant get hubby to agree on a boys name for this one and we are quickly running out of time!

Good luck!

When we had the girls we had picked their names by 20 weeks.
I like giving twins totally individual names, not names that sound similar.
This time round though i am 26 weeks and still cannot agree on 1 name.. LOL.. musta used them all up for the girls.

2 girls - Carmen Ivy & Sasha Isabel

2 boys - Spencer & Emmet

1 of each - Carmen & Spencer


Hannah Jayde
Lily Grace even though i have that for dd already


Ethan mark
Phoenix ???

At the moment i really love the name Evie for a girl. Think it's so cute. Not sure about boys names... never been good with boys names

Actually i've always like the name Kyan but sounded too much like Cohen lol
Good idea starting to get the name ball rolling now! Good luck with the pregnancy:)

I would have...

Evander and Jack

Paige and Willow

and Jack and Paige.

Middle names - we chose family names for our children but, we picked the person we wanted them named after before knowing the sex. Eg. My Youngest was going to have the middle name Glenn (after my dad) no matter what sex they were.
All the twins we spoke to when we were pregnant with ours (you will be amazed by how many people tell you their twin stories!) told us:

make them as individual as possible

They all said not to dress them the same and to make them feel like their own person so I would stay away from matching or rhyming names, unless of course you have some pattern going with all your kids.

Our boys names were the only two we could agree on and it took till right till the end. Middle names were easy because they are family names.
I like the idea of having some sort of connection between twins - but I would probably reserve it to the middle names?

boys: Malek Ryan and Xade Ryan (Ryan after my brother, and to 'connect the 2?)
girls: Asha Rae and Nyah Rae (Rae is my middle name)

boy and girl: Malek Ray and Asha Rae different spelling of same unisex name?

or something like that anyway! lol
Completely different names, no same initials, no same middles, no rhyming, honestly don't think its cutsey at all.

B/B Barnaby (Barney) & Jasper

G/G Hazel & Willamina (Willa)

B/G Barnaby & Willamina (Willa)
boys jake & blake
girls:cheryl & beryl
one of each:adam & eve
LOL just joking
but to help you out-
twins I know: Micheal and David;Kim & Kylie;Hamish and Georgina; Ben and Daniel

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

thank you for all the replies!!

We have a pretty long list of boys and minimal for girls

For boys our list consists of:

Hamish Mathison and Ryder Willem

Hamish Mathison and Harrison Willem

Hamish Miller and Hudson Miles

Hamish Mathison and Ryder Emmett

we have other names but these are the ones that keep popping up.

For girls we have:

Bethany Wintah and Indiah Willow

these are just thoughts at the moment.
other names we like are:

Matilda, Miley, Indy, I also like Ella and Ava but all these names seem really popular. I love boys names for girls which we will go with if we cant decide on other names smile

opinions/ suggestions?? we dont use any family names

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

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